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Cellular Purse

if the purse is also a phone
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When dining out a guy can put his cell phone on vibrate, then drop it in a pocket. There just is no place to hide the unsightly bulge of a cellphone on a slinky dress. (The bra is out, I have enough problems with guys talking to my breasts without me doing it too , a cell phone tiarra or hat is just too formal the singles bar scene) So far the ladies choice is to turn it off or let it ring from the bowels of her purse. Thus earning snarky remarks from people about ruining the ambiviance. (you know how it is ... the phone rings and rings as you search through all the contents of the purse trying to fish the phone out.) why not make the outside of the purse the phone? aka a celluar purse.

the first thing as an alternate choice to ring tones and vibrators would be twinkle lights blinking along the strap. the lights would have a dimmer for use in theaters. and programable sequences so you set different lights for different callers. the strap is a natural attena for the phone and is a good place to hide the earpieces' retractable cord for hands free talking.

being larger than most phones now in use the celluar purse could hold a larger battery this allows for more unique features something like Mr Q would stuff in for 007 James Bond's gal pal moneypenny a larger purse could contain a palm pilot-dvd-cd-cam corder combo but I would settle for a voice stress analyzer so when he calls to stand me up, saying he has to work late, I could tell if he were lying or not.

the purse would have a security feature. so if lost you could call the purse from another device and activate one of three find it features. on all three features when you call the celluar purse would give you its current gps location. and send pictures from its location to your lap top. feature#1 the purse would begin gently announcing " Im lost please pick up my owner is calling to find me." feature #2 the purse would shrill louder than a car alarm announcing "im a stolen purse give me to the police" feature #3 (as an act of final desperation) this purse will self destruct in 10..9..8..7..6...

Isayhello2u, Jun 03 2005

I don't get it. Is yours a Gucci? the_20handbag_20is_20the_20cellphone
[theircompetitor, Jun 04 2005]


       Hmmm. Maybe a small wireless vibrating patch you can adhere to your skin that announces a phone call? Where you stick it is up to you, of course.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       Or, put the chip in your brain, and have virtual conversations with whomever you choose.
daseva, Jun 03 2005

       Well, hello to you too!
zeno, Jun 03 2005

       At first I missed the bit about an earpiece and assumed we'd see women walking down the street, purse against face.
Worldgineer, Jun 03 2005

       "You'll have to speak up, the lining is making you sound muffled."
kaz, Jun 03 2005

       I say hi to you and a bun, too! Welcome to the 'Bakery.
froglet, Jun 04 2005

       See link. This may have been my first HB idea, certainly within the first 5, can't tell with post crash dates.   

       Which by the way, gives me a controversial idea...
theircompetitor, Jun 04 2005

       Hello 2 all.   

       Theircompetitor when i searched your idea didnt show up. although your link clearly proves it is yours first. yes the ideas are near the same   

       the main difference and the idea behind mine is in how I want to be alerted that a call is waiting in a social setting. bristolz's stick patch sounds good if it could avoid tingalinging other wearers.   

       daseva - no use in adding to the junk already floating around in there.   

       worldgineer - it is said because of the dangers of the carrier waves near the brain everyone should avoid putting the cellphone next to the head. but people hate the earphones ect because the cords are a bother to take out and put away. hence the retractable earpiece in the strap.
Isayhello2u, Jun 04 2005

       Welcome to the bakery, nice first one. (WTAGIPBAN).
krelnik, Jun 06 2005


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