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Breakfast Alarm clock

The Alarm clock of tomorow
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The idea is simple, an alarm clock that makes you breakfast, shortly before it alarms you to wake up. You could simply insert milk and the cereal of you choice, along with a bowl at the outlet. Shortly before it is set to go off, it could make you your breakfast then wake you up. By having to chutes, one which releases the cereal into the bowl, the other which releases milk into the bowl.At five mins before the alarm is set off, the clock opens the two shuttters at the top of the chutes, allowing the cereal and the milk to flow into the bowl.simple really.
tesseract9, Aug 10 2006


       Oh, that's a bad way to start!!! The delete key is for cleaning up, not for deleting annos you don't like.
ldischler, Aug 10 2006

       It's OK that you deleted my question and added some sentences, but you still haven't really explained how it would work.
xandram, Aug 10 2006

       You could have a pair of old-fashioned wind-up alarm clocks.   

       One of them would be used as is, to make noise.   

       With the other (set to run five minutes fast), you could remove the bells and somehow use the movement of the clapper to dislodge some vertical struts which, when properly balanced, hold shut the trapdoors under the cereal and milk storage vessels.   

       Is that the kind of thing you had in mind, [tesseract9], or something a bit slicker and more electronic?
pertinax, Aug 11 2006

       Why not put the cereal in the bowl before retiring, and use a modified Teasmade to pour the milk?
angel, Aug 11 2006


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