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A cake take away!
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Imagine you are a woman. It's that time of the month and you have major cravings for cake. But wait- it's late at night and tescos is shut. The nearest open shop is miles away and you're so busy you don't want to drive there for a slice of cake. You will just have to wait until tomorrow so that you can buy cake from the shop round the corner.

Well, not anymore! Welcome to the future! Welcome to.... The Cake Away! It works a lot like a pizza delivery service. You place an order for your favourite baked delight and we bake it up and deliver to you within the hour. Those cakey cravings will be banished just like those pizza cravings!

piratemeggy, Mar 22 2010

Errrr, baked. And halfbaked. http://www.wireacake.com/
"The Wire-A-Cake / HB Bakery Connection, can arrange for anything " - quite so. [MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2010]

We like cake http://tinyurl.com/HB-likes-cake
[Jinbish, Mar 23 2010]


       In googling for cake delivery, I came across the one in the link. And to think I thought Jutta made all her money from the advertising on this site...
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2010

       [MaxwellBuchanan], you might have noticed that the HB Bakery Connection is in Huntington Beach, California, which is just down the road a bit from me. They might have difficulty making on the spot deliveries to [piratemeggy]'s (presumably) UK location, and we have already determined that they can't hand-off the order by wire because all the shops nearest Meggy are closed for the night.
jurist, Mar 22 2010

       [jurist] The Halfbakery already has a Ballistic Delivery Service. It just needs upgrading to Intercontinental Ballistic Delivery.
mouseposture, Mar 22 2010

       //HB Bakery Connection is in Huntington Beach//   

       Jeezus! How many coincidences can happen on one day!!
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2010

       I think the record is 17.
rcarty, Mar 22 2010

       A prime number!!??111
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2010

       Lacto-vegetarians transcendental realm.
skinflaps, Mar 22 2010

       Shirley a cake-away or a cake take away, should help you beat the cravings by removing all cake from your vicinity? This seems the exact opposite.   

       This leads me to suggest, since there seems to be a spacio-temporal issue with the presenting of cakes to cakeeaters, how about we simply arrange that enough cakes are produced all the time, that no-one is ever more than 20 yards from as many cakes as they could eat?
pocmloc, Mar 22 2010

       //Imagine you are a woman. It's that time of the month and you have major cravings for cake//

Whilst I wouldn't even dare to contemplate thinking of suggesting that I have any understanding of either women's biology or psychology, my limited personal experience is that when referring to 'that time of the month' (does anyone actually use that phrase anymore? Really?) a craving for cake is not generally at the forefront of their mind.

On the other hand, it's almost always in the forefront of my mind. I like cake.
DrBob, Mar 23 2010

       Cake ! CAKE !   

8th of 7, Mar 23 2010


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