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Brick Through a Window.com

"Your feedback is important to us . . ."
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An agency that crowdfunds from people who would like a way of saying "You Suck This Much" to a political figure, or a business. The totals donated are displayed on the site, along with any short-and-to-the-point apologiae from donors, who can request their name be featured, or choose to remain anonymous.

Not illegal: the money is not actually used to hire an infenestrator.

However, if perhaps somebody does take it upon themselves to right a perceived wrong and does not cause personal physical injury, who's to blame ? And, if they're subsequently caught and charged, the donated money is put towards hiring a "get-me-out" lawyer.

Pledged money can be refunded if a campaign goes on for too long without a newsworthy result, or if the donor simply changes their mind, with 2 business days notice. A small handling fee will be charged.

(as can be deduced from the first paragraph, private individuals - no matter how (in)famous - and residences are not eligible for inclusion)

FlyingToaster, Jan 24 2016

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       Perhaps toasters as well as bricks ?   

       Does Macy's tell Gimbel's with a brick through a plate glass display window ?
popbottle, Jan 26 2016

       Toasters aren't heavy enough to smash a window, particularly a double-glazed one. Whirling them round on the end of their cable, like a slingshot, is more effective but far from perfect.   

       Bricks have lots of sharp pointy corners and are therefore superior in terms of glass-shattering potential.
8th of 7, Jan 26 2016

       Spent x percentage of a day trying to trawl for the "look, someone's thrown a brick through the window. There's a message attached. What does it say? It says 'Jones's Window Repairs' " goon show joke.   

       I mean, what kind of a world are we living in where there's no searchable goon show jokes online wossername?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 27 2016

       This idea (service?) would really gain ground after the initial implementation, especially towards businesses that many have come to rely upon. Microsoft somehow comes to mind. Advances in rapid brick launching would likely result with a possible (hopeful?) upsurge in initial product quality and functionality.
whatrock, Jan 27 2016

       Are pallets of bricks launched all at once or one at a time?
Voice, Jan 28 2016

       // Are pallets of bricks launched all at once or one at a time? //   

       All at once would allow for a faster departure, but we would first need an idea for a mass launcher.
whatrock, Jan 29 2016

       Did someone say "Trebuchet" by any chance ?
8th of 7, Jan 29 2016


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