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Broadway On ICE

The Integrated Circuit kind
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With all the attention being paid to how movies and video are being made available to consumers, and the ongoing struggle for quality programming, the time has come to offer simulcast and recorded versions of the works being performed in major theater districts around the planet.

Yes, there's nothing like actually being in the audience, and care would have to be taken to not lower attendance, but with quality of HD broadcast and home theater technology, this could be a realistic alternative to waiting for 2 years or for a travel version to see a hit play.

theircompetitor, Jan 08 2006

Broadway CAM (unauthorized) http://techcrunch.c...adway-cam-surfaces/
[theircompetitor, Jul 11 2011]

Really rather Baked http://www.metopera...plate.aspx?id=15114
...provided you're into opera rather than Monty Python. And this one comes complete with audience. [DrCurry, Jul 12 2011]


       Yes! I wanted to see the Monty Python Broadway show, I'm not going to New York anytime soon.   

       My friend is going to see it though, this summer. I'm jealous....
DesertFox, Jan 08 2006

       with theaters closed, another good one to resurrect. Just heard this morning that the Metropolitan Opera will be streaming for free...
theircompetitor, Mar 15 2020


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