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Chasing Channel

no catching, no hiding, just chases 24/7
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Television is a wonderful thing. Everytime I switch it on, the format seems to be lots of chasing of one another interspersed with frowning.

This will be a new channel which does away with the dialogue, storyline and frowning - to concentrate solely on chases.

Each program may go for varying lengths and would be considerably cheaper to produce. Money for the channel would come from sponsors whose product, service or shop is featured in the particular pursuit.

For example at 8.30pm begins Historical Chase, where 3 people dress in period costumes and chase each other through a Supermarket. The cameraperson must follow and to gain the required revenue may do close ups as they zip pass certain products.

Cars, boats and vehicles provide more fast paced pursuits, but at no time is there to be any conclusion ie catching - or narrative ie hiding.

Animal Chase follows at 9.00pm where random shots of nature's creatures are seen bounding after one another. Afterwards is the Late Night Chasing News, where a man or woman sits behind a desk describing current world chases with running style, speed, obstacle surmounting etc. Papparazzi Chase is a favourite as the most famous celebrities run or drive across town with photographers following.

benfrost, Apr 06 2005

Tangents Tangents
by yer man, eh. [calum, Apr 06 2005]

Reruns of this show would fit right in... http://www.us.imdb..../tt0217970/combined
[krelnik, Apr 06 2005]


       Tantric television. I never thought TV could get worse, but it just did.
contracts, Apr 06 2005

       So, just re-runs of Benny Hill?
For viewers in NYC, Manhattan Chase, for viewers in Staffordshire, Cannock Chase.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 06 2005

       I'll be on the next station watching the Hiding Channel. Much calmer.
wagster, Apr 06 2005

       Make this a "Tangents: All Chases Special" where loosely linked chases merge into one another for a whole day.
calum, Apr 06 2005

       There was a car chase in LA yesterday that went on for hours. It was televised on the news as the police helicopter tracked the fugitive relentlessly. I couldn't stop watching as this crazy driver weaved in and out of heavy traffic, ran red lights and drove wrecklessly through dozens of neighborhoods. It was way more watchable than nascar or some fake, staged chase like on the Dukes of Hazzard. Throw in the Benny Hill music and a climactic crash/explosion and I'm sold.
jaksplat, Apr 06 2005

       Oh, the Chevy chase program; I laughed at that one.
FarmerJohn, Apr 06 2005

       For those with narcolepsy, there's the "BOO!" channel.
moPuddin, Apr 07 2005

       Speaking of apposite narcolepsy... "My name is Enrico Pollini: I'm from Napoli... zzzzzz...."
phlogiston, Apr 07 2005


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