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Cherry Picking Channel

Only the best!
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50 years has produced a lot of television. Generally, a channel buys rights to a series - say of an old sitcom, then runs it in a manner similar to how the show was originally aired - the good episodes, the bad, the strange etc. Why?

On the Cherry Picking Channel, only the best episodes of a given series make the cut. The viewer sees a potpourri of first rate TV. The day is divided into categories: sitcom, animal adventure, documentary, live news, sports etc. In that slot, you see the pick of the litter: in the sitcom slot you might see an episode of Threes Company one day, Bosom Buddies, the next day, Welcome Back Kotter the next day - with the only commonality that all are sitcoms, and each episode is among the best that series has to offer. "Animal adventure" might one day have the episode of Wild Kingdom where Jim wrestles the python, the next day a Nature program featuring hippos fighting crocodiles etc - in each case, the program is selected for being first rate.

bungston, Jan 18 2006


       You mean it's not a migrant farmworker fruit harvesting marathon weekend?
normzone, Jan 18 2006

       "Best" would be defined by a country-specific group of degree-holding TVolologists. It may be that "best" varies from country to country. The Australian version of this channel might consist entirely of shows where Jim wrestles the python.
bungston, Jan 19 2006

       'Wrestling the python' has another connotation entirely here. Not sure how advertisers would line up to sponsor a channel with nothing but male masturbation films.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 19 2006

       And the cherry popping channel...?
DrCurry, Jan 19 2006

       I misread this as "Cherry Picking Camel" and I thought "Yes, that could work - camels have those long stretchy necks, they probably like cherries too..."
hippo, Jan 19 2006

       Wouldn't that upset Gladys Knight?
coprocephalous, Jan 19 2006

       Nose Picking Channel - go around video taping people picking their noses. Traffic lights are good locations for people in cars. Follow up each programme with special lessons in advanced rolling and flicking techniques, etc. Then there are the intensive training seminars, complete with tapes, books et all. Could even spawn a new religion - think I'm already a believer.   

       For bit about hippos fighting crocodiles a big +
xenzag, Jan 19 2006


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