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Cardboard Wad Man

The table-leveller
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Cardboard Wad Man lurks in cafe precincts, ever-alert for the cry of a desperate citizen... No more tables with puddles of spilled coffee, no more dribbly dress stains when Cardboard Wad Man is about!

Kiddies, dont worry about his big brown coat with the pink leotards underneath - he needs the coat to carry the multitude of cardboard wads of varying thicknesses that he needs to do his table leg propping, and the pink leotard is just so he's not mistaken for someone with evil intent...

ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 30 2005


       A table cleaning super hero...hmmm....
Sudok, Jul 30 2005

       [sudok], I think you've misunderstood (or I have), CWM doesn't so much clean tables, as prevent them from getting dirty in the first place, by carefully secreting bits of cardboard under table legs. As such, he's welcome in every city, and girls* swoon and the mention of his name. (+).

*OK. everyone swoons, but just doesn't show it.
neilp, Jul 30 2005

       I see now.... (i'm not sure i would swoon)   

       *Edit: Well noted and thank you [+]
Sudok, Jul 30 2005

       Thank you Neil, you've saved me from swatting the newbie. Welcome Sudok, in the HB (as in life) it is better to engage eyes, ears and brain before putting mouth or hand in motion.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 30 2005

       and his sidekick, safety pin boy.   

       adds a swift bun before I get swatted.
po, Jul 30 2005

       ([Ian] - U2's guitarist is a superhero?)

"...and Shim Boy!"
hippo, Jul 30 2005

       + Does he make house calls?
xandram, Jul 11 2006

       You mean I have a competitor?
normzone, Jul 11 2006

       Does CWM also carry Welsh Tape for repairs?
MoreCowbell, Jul 12 2006

       he should carry a welder for repairing the sheared off connections between chair leg and brace. if you're going to fix things, might as well do it right. instead of cardboard wads he should put a screw in the foot of the table and adjust its height as necessary.   

       i do like this idea for a superhero/ vigilante. did anyone here hear about the guy who dressed up in a cape and mask and would come around sawing off car wheel clamps in london?
tcarson, Jul 12 2006


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