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Bubble Backed Jelly Fish

What? No "Food: Candy" Category?
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Fish swim. This is good.

Gummy fish sink. This must be remedied.

Gummy fish should be manufactured with air bubbles in their dorsal fins. This will enable them to float in the proper position when dropped into a glass of liquid. With the proper amount of air, these fish could be confectionarily engineered to gently sink into a glass or punch bowl. If said beverage vessel held a carbonated drink. bubble formation on the candy could make it buoyant, causing it to rise to the surface, shed its bubbles, and "swim" to the bottom again.

Gourmet versions of these fish might have candy fins that would guide it forward as it sinks. Also, the dorsal portion of the gourmet fish might be made more resistant to dissolving. That way, when a sufficient amount of candy from the bottom part of the fish dissolves, ballast is lost and the "dead" fish floats belly up on the surface.

This novelty candy would be a hit at any child's birthday party. And perhaps, even at some adults'.

Guncrazy, Apr 13 2004

Gummy Bear Torture http://sciencespot....a/mmaniabearlab.pdf
(PDF File) ... all in the name of science! [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Gummy fish with swim bladders...of course!
As an added attraction, the air contained in the bubble could be pressurized, so that it is expelled in a jet when released, giving the gummy one last kick before it sinks to the bottom, dead.
ldischler, Apr 13 2004

       I think there's a little too much vodka in my drink - I just got it and the school of fish are already dead. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Apr 13 2004

       Sounds good for novelty cocktails.
DrCurry, Apr 13 2004

       Why would you drop them in a glass of liquid?
waugsqueke, Apr 13 2004

       Because they are fish?
Worldgineer, Apr 13 2004

       If you had them swimming in hexane, it would not dissolve the fish.
bungston, Apr 13 2004

       Why not have an Alka-Seltzer like stuff inside them, and let them fizz and swim?
zigness, Apr 13 2004

       // Because they are fish? //   

       They only look like fish, World. They're actually candy.   

       I don't often see people dropping candy into glasses of liquid.
waugsqueke, Apr 13 2004

       Then perhaps you'll find this idea novel.
Worldgineer, Apr 13 2004

       //If you had them swimming in hexane, ...// At a candle light dinner you immediately get fish flambee for desert.
kbecker, Apr 13 2004

       [waugsqueke]: If you don't often see people dropping candy into glasses of liquid, you probably don't have small children.   

       [zigness]: Excellent idea...gummy puffer fish.
Guncrazy, Apr 13 2004

       I agree with Dr. Curry: Saddling up to the bar, I would be delighted to find gummi fish floating in a colorful fruity cocktail.
tchaikovsky, Apr 13 2004

       // If you don't often see people dropping candy into glasses of liquid, you probably don't have small children. //   

       That is correct. No big ones either.
waugsqueke, Apr 13 2004

       There's a Food: Sweet: Gummy or a Food: Sweet: Shape. Either of those may work for you. Really a good idea. ++
sartep, Apr 13 2004

       What about Neutray-boyant Jellyfish as the name implys?
Letsbuildafort, Apr 14 2004

       Jellyfish are usually neutrally buoyant. The name implies jellyfish that float.
Worldgineer, Apr 14 2004


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