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Bird's Nightmare Topping

"To sleep, perchance to scream ...."
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In the UK, it is possible to purchase a strange powder called "Bird's Dream Topping". <link>

When prepared according to the instructions, the powder is transformed into an equally strange, sweet, glutinous substance, apparently suitable for human consumption. Well, we understand that it's not actively toxic.

Now, BorgCo technologists have modified the powder to include a medium-strength sedative and small but useful amounts of a number of highly psychoactive compounds, including hallucinogens, ensuring the consumer will sleep soundly, but their dreams will not be pleasant ones.

8th of 7, Aug 23 2011

Bird's Dream Topping http://www.birdscus...ange/dream-topping/
Edible, apparently. [8th of 7, Aug 23 2011]

Capugenic Hallucinoccino Capugenic_20Hallucinoccino
[calum, Aug 30 2011]

Bird Droppings Nightmare http://i.telegraph....opping_1122016i.jpg
[swimswim, Aug 30 2011]


       So, can we also expect "Bird's Dream Bottoming" and "Fish's Dream Topping"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 23 2011

       In your dreams, sonny boy ...
8th of 7, Aug 23 2011

       oh goodness, I don't remember eating that last night. powerful stuff indeed. (I was trying to wash in a flower bed of some description and the hot water killed the flowers)
po, Aug 24 2011

       Yikes 21, that is scary.
zen_tom, Aug 24 2011

       //perchance to dream// sp. "scream", shirley.
FlyingToaster, Aug 24 2011

       <benfrost>"Bird's Wet Dream Topping"</benfrost>
hippo, Aug 24 2011

       //the linked foodstuff has propane listed in the ingredients//   

       It's "Propane-1,2 doil esters of fatty acids", which is a wholesome and nourishing foodstuff.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 24 2011

       //Propane-1,2 doil esters of fatty acids// & //wholesome and nourishing //
<Homer Simpson>Mmmm, propane...
<Homer Simpson>Mmmm, esters...
<Homer Simpson>Mmmm, fatty acids...
<Homer Simpson>Mmmm, d'oil...
zen_tom, Aug 24 2011

       So the idea is "spike processed foods with hallucinogens"?
pertinax, Aug 24 2011

       Not all processed foods; just one product, that hardly counts as a food anyway.   

       // //perchance to dream// sp. "scream", shirley. // Nice one, [FT]. Edited.
8th of 7, Aug 24 2011

       Hmph... come back when you've worked out how to compel the dreams to be about birds, or possibly about flying.
pertinax, Aug 24 2011

       // compel the dreams to be about birds, or possibly about flying //   

       Results on dream guidance have been unpromising. The nearest thing to flying achieved so far has been dreams about being at the top of a very high, unsafe, unstable structure, and sometimes falling off.
8th of 7, Aug 24 2011

       Birds... Borg... topping... definitely a "flying saucier" pun in there somewhere.
FlyingToaster, Aug 24 2011

       //What's a doil ester?//   

       Ah. When I said "wholesome and nourishing", I mis- read "doil" as "diol" on the Birds website.   

       It's clear, though, that they have invented and entirely new form of chemical, the "doil", for whose wholesomeness and nourishingness I am unable to vouch.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 24 2011

       An immediate research programme is called for !   

       The typical approach would be to feed it to the children of the economically disadvantaged, and if the substance proves acceptably non-toxic, try it on laboratory rats and mice (which are quite expensive).   

       It appears that this methodology has been used by your species for many centuries, but has now been largely abandoned in many areas. The reasons for this are unclear.
8th of 7, Aug 24 2011

       So what's the difference between this and plain old Spam?
blissmiss, Aug 25 2011

       From my rather foggy & ancient memories of Birds' DreamTopping (and Angel Delight too, come to think of it). I think it had this effect anyway, didn't it?
DrBob, Aug 26 2011

       That was just the sugar rush. Now, with added peyote, caffeine and ergot !
8th of 7, Aug 26 2011

       I saw a car today covered in a bird's nightmare topping.
rcarty, Aug 28 2011

       When I was young we used to call this birds’ cream droppings.
pocmloc, Aug 29 2011

       Fish's nightmare bottoming.
nineteenthly, Aug 29 2011

       No: fish's day-stallion bottoming. Or bottomry.
mouseposture, Aug 29 2011

       At first glance I thought it said "Bird's Nightmare Dropping". Just when I forgot my chrome steel umbrella. +
Whistlebritches, Aug 30 2011


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