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Candle Candies

MMMMMM logen berry
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have you ever been walking through a candle store and thought to yourself " man , that sounds delicious to bad it's a candle " or do you just wanna eat a candle but aren't sure of the health implications of eating wax ? then this products for you . The candies would be made of a cereal marshmallow type stuff ( no gelatin ) and a hard candy cane like wick . the flavors would be like the candles , Spring Rain , Summer Orchard , Boisenberry and so on . they could also be used as real candles if you felt like it .
slapdash loser, Jan 21 2004


       "Son of a wax eater" LOL
I_Love_Lee_Cochran, Jan 14 2005

       Real wax is edible, though not so tasty, as it is made of beewax (read: beespit). But SL is proposing a candy candle out of marshmallow(?). I think that would make very poor light (having roasted many a marshmallow).   

       I like the idea though, of having a candy as big as a candle an decorated as pretty as those verrrry expensive candles. It appeals to my innerchild verrrrry strongly. I'm going to try and find something edible and flammable
Susan, Jan 14 2005

       Is there a difference between candle candies and candy candles?
DaveW-H, Jan 14 2005

       Stop confusing me! it is difficult enough, as it is.
Susan, Jan 16 2005

       The television show "Electric Company" (USA) had a song once entitled "Candy Candles" many many years ago (1970's?). The lyrics were something to the effect of "Most candles aren't for eating--they're only wax and wick. But you can eat these candles 'cos they're candy on a stick."
supercat, Jan 16 2005

       Candle candies, candy candles, candle candys, canddie....... guess its back to paranoid paradise again (where the bluetooth fairy lives)
Susan, Jan 16 2005


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