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Bubble Gum Dental Dam

You Might As Well Enjoy It
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Going to the dentist for anything other than a simple cleaning often includes placing major hardware and vinyl contraptions in your mouth. One of the most annoying of these is the dental dam (link).

I propose that a dentist who feels the need to require a dental dam simply give the patient a big wad of chewing gum (this would be sugarless unless the dentist is really trying to drum up more business).

The patient would simply blow a large bubble until it popped, effectively accomplishing the same thing but infinitely more comfortable. Any chemicals, drill minutia, cotton fibers, pipe whenches, etc. would simply stick to the gum for later disposal.

Last point: gum is biodegradable (granted, this process takes thousands of years).


Grogster, Sep 23 2011

Dental Dam, Old Version http://www.dental-h....com/dentaldam.html
[Grogster, Sep 23 2011]


       ... or choke to death on it!
xandram, Sep 23 2011

       Remind me to never go to the dentist.
DIYMatt, Sep 24 2011

       Will it be flouridated?   

       I imagine several flavors, in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated choices. You could also combine several other options in there, such as Prozac, acne medication, Thorazine, all with a pleasant fruity aftertaste.
Grogster, Sep 24 2011


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