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Bubble Toilet

Fun with every flush
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An otherwise normal flush toilet fitted with a soap injector and an air pump between the flush valve and the jets under the rim. At the start of the flush, it adds soap to the water. When the flush valve closes, the air pump would blow the remaining soapy water from the jets - bubbling out into the bathroom.

There might be a real advantage as soapy water flushes better. But... LOOK - BUBBLES!

a1, Aug 25 2023

Cloakroom https://www.etymonl.../search?q=cloakroom
Not from "cloaca" - but I'm not sure how it became a euphemism for lavatory [a1, Aug 25 2023]


       And when the bubbles burst would they release any smells or bacteria?
xenzag, Aug 25 2023

       I'm not sure about bubbly toilet water blowing around the bathroom, getting on toothbrushes and towels.
21 Quest, Aug 25 2023

       The bubbles are of soapy water from the "clean" (tank or water supply) side of the toilet. If it makes you feel any better it could be an antibacterial soap.
a1, Aug 25 2023

       I’m imagining it catastrophically malfunctioning and the entire bathroom filling with a disgusting faecal foam
hippo, Aug 25 2023

       //disgusting faecal foam// [+]
pocmloc, Aug 25 2023

       I have an eternal question. Is it called the cloakroom, from the Latin "cloaca"?
pocmloc, Aug 25 2023

       // cloakroom, from the Latin "cloaca" ? //   

       Sadly, no (link).
a1, Aug 25 2023

       // At eh start of the flush//   


       //disgusting fæcal foam//   

       At one time in the political past this was known as "Santorum."
minoradjustments, Aug 26 2023

       This is a great idea. I hear there are toilets made in Asia that rinse, dry, wipe, sanitize, lubricate, and powder in a single sitting. Everything but a 'happy ending' and I'm sure that's available to the peculiar buyer.   

       Why not have a bubble symphony emanating from a row of orifices in the top of the tank, lighting included? Like the fountains in Vegas? The pacing and lighting would reflect the essential nature of the deposit, with appropriate musical accompaniment. This is The Good Humor Man on his break.   

       For industrial and commercial applications like airports the apparatus is housed in the wall, and a central ceiling display of illuminated bubbles and music is used, with the particular stall indicated by a nice stream of bubbles, but no local display. Tons of potential here. And fun.
minoradjustments, Aug 27 2023


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