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art of the pop

Different pressures in the bubbles and/or thickness of wrap to create diferrent pop notes
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Each bubble of the bubble wrap would have a different colour and be arranged within finger distance for easy play.

There might even be numbers for musical newbies or compositions written in bubble wrap to be played with the unboxing.

No top ten pop songs here, just giggles or ridicule.

wjt, May 08 2021

i think this is a similar idea Musical_20Bubble_20Wrap
[xandram, May 08 2021]


       Maybe you could play Popcorn?
RayfordSteele, May 08 2021

       ^Need some accurate scales and sieves. And may be some biochemistry analysis.   

       Yes, same idea written up before. Colour and finger spacings are new innovations though.
wjt, May 08 2021

       Pop Goes The Weasel?
blissmiss, May 09 2021

       Each O could have a laser scored "weak side" where the air would almost always come out. Attached to the weak side would be a polymer reed and channel, making each bubble make a pure tone.   

       little musical igloo O= bubble wrap   

       Another option is just having your phone or PC watch you pop the bubble wrap, software interprets the video, then broadcasts tones through its speaker   

       And of course, be nice to the bubbles, O= could be reusable and the polymers they were made out of prefer to lift up the bubble again for a fresh squeeze-tone.
beanangel, May 09 2021

       Nice, [Bliss]   

       Popsticks ?   

       [beanangel] Yes , recycling. Healing plastics and a slowly reactive, gas generating internal coating?
wjt, May 10 2021


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