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Bucatini's Penny Flutes

aka Ian Anderson with melted mozzarella
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Treat yourself to a rendition of Debussy's Syrinx before sliding the flute on which you have just played this wonderful song under the surface of a pot of boiling water.

You can do this because the Bucatini Pasta has been enlarged and reformatted to become that of a simple type of flute.

Pasta is cheap, making it work out at not much more than a few pence per flute. It's also quite a resiliant material, and easy to form into various shapes, so it will easily withstand being used as a flute for a while. There is no need to worry if it breaks either, as you'll be eating it afterwards and can just start over on another strand from the packet.

Because it's going into boiling salted water, there is no need to worry about passing on any germs either.

A few flutes will make a substantial meal given the thickness of Bucatini pasta, and before that you can enjoy a recital of some famous compostion or maybe just a simple practice gig to generate an appetite or entertain your dinner guests.

xenzag, Feb 25 2020


       For less formal music, presumably there will be a Penne Whistle available ?
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       Even I thought that was pun too far!
xenzag, Feb 25 2020

       Serve with haggis, you can use the casing as a bagpipe bag.
pocmloc, Feb 25 2020


       // Even I thought that was pun too far! //   

       Perhaps at this time; but the forces dragging you towards the Cynicism Event Horizon are inexorable and inescapable.   

       Come, join us ... you'll wonder why you ever hesitated ...
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       arghhh! - finds myself being dragged towards a black hole of swirling synecdoches other dastardly word plays.
xenzag, Feb 25 2020

       Resistance is Futile ...
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       Recyclable. I like the tune of that. [+]
whatrock, Feb 26 2020

       This idea is guitar use for almost any combination of food and instrument. Carrot woodwinds, jerky lutes...
Voice, Feb 26 2020


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