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CPAP remediation for wind instrument playing laryngectomees.

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Some advanced larynx cancers still must be treated with largyngectomy. Breathing is now done through the tracheostomy, with eating still done via the oral apparatus.

But wind players! How to get a supply of air up to your mouth and tongue when now it goes in and out through your neck? A laryngectomy would be the end of wind instrument playing.

The CPAP devices straps onto the nose and provides an inflow of air, to prevent snoring and keep thick necked folks from forgetting to breathe while they are asleep.

I propose such a device could provide a flow of air in the nose and out through the mouth, there to be used by the laryngectomee to play the saxophone or the like. Persons with a laryngectomy so equipped would be able to hold a note indefinitely without stopping to breathe, as the air is supplied by the machine while breathing goes on below in the neck.

bungston, Dec 07 2017


       Nice, a sleepy new age pan flute composition for me.   

       Is it a fitness problem? Not working the breathing hard enough while in the wake state so in the sleeping state, tissues involved in breathing are dropping below the needed threshold. Stronger wake state breathing exercises?
wjt, Dec 08 2017

       I think people with laryngectomies already have a one-way valve through to their oesophagus (food pipe) to let air up to their mouth from their lungs, a simpler solution.   

       In the absence of this valve, you might try something like your idea but i’m afraid CPAP blows intermittently, triggered by inspiration, (which wouldn’t be happening at the nose or mouth) plus no lung reservoir available.Probably better to just have a straight air hose in your nose. I don’t know much about playing instruments, but maybe experts vary the force of the blow? I guess you might be able to learn this with your tongue.
DDRopDeadly, Dec 08 2017


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