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Combination Vape and Train Whistle

Toot toot!
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So vaping is thought to be much less bad for you than smoking, and has the additional benefit of producing large white clouds as you exhale.

Having just seen a man walking along briskly while vaping in cold weather, I propose the combination vaper with train whistle.
It would 'toot' as you inhaled through it, so you could pretend to be a train as you go along.

Comes with a stylish engine driver's hat.

Loris, Nov 24 2021


       I did vape smoke signals some time ago, and vapanado, a type of terror vape so also approve of the train whistle [+]
xenzag, Nov 24 2021

       Surely it should hoot as you exhale?
pocmloc, Nov 24 2021

       The Steam Punk crowd will love this.   

       This is one of those "should actually be done" ideas.
doctorremulac3, Nov 24 2021

       //Surely it should hoot as you exhale?//   

       For normal whistles this is the case, but smokers usually want to suck the nicotine into their lungs before blowing the unabsorbed residue out into the atmosphere.
Loris, Nov 24 2021

       + And if several people were all vaping at the same time, they could form a bunny hop line with each other and become a moving train of people cars.
xandram, Nov 24 2021

       [+] this is a much better idea than a combination bong and bagpipes
sninctown, Nov 26 2021

       The Hou-ooga horn is surely next.
RayfordSteele, Nov 26 2021

       You should win something for this. Don't know what but you should get it.
blissmiss, Nov 27 2021

       I see a sideshow event to the duck / pig call contests consisting of the most original vaping noisemaker. Hand-carved of course.
RayfordSteele, Nov 27 2021


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