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Cephalopod Bagpipe Cover

An easy mistake to make.
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A flexible printed plastic skin that can be applied to a set of bagpipes, making it look as if the perpetrator is carrying a large octopus, squid, or cuttlefish.

Two of the "arms" are positioned so as to poke into the offender's ears, channeling the sound so that they get the full benefit.

Intended to be used at least five metres below the surface of water.

8th of 7, Aug 25 2014

Bagpipes can't tell you when they're in pain http://www.youtube....watch?v=GTWm160fSqU
[4and20, Aug 28 2014]


       I was rather hoping for a jacket which could be donned by an octopus to enable it to hide in a bagpipe shop without being discovered.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 25 2014

       And I was hoping that it would be for cetaceans until I read it properly (well, it did begin with a "c")
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 25 2014

       Disguising bagpipes is the only way to keep from being attacked when you're underwater.
4and20, Aug 25 2014

       I happened to see an even better bagpiper ice bucket challenge, wherein the bagpipe was disguised as the contents of a black trash bag. Sadly I cannot share that link. Does anyone wonder if bagpipes are just the Scottish version of English?
4and20, Aug 28 2014


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