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Bucket O' Links

Draw lines and store links with them. I apologize for the dearth of sausages in this idea.
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I propose a browser feature that would work as follows: After clicking a button or while holding down a hotkey the user clicks and or drags the mouse over a tab or set of tabs. These tabs are collected into a single "bucket" (front end for a folder/directory) which has an easily found navigation view (again in the browser) that looks like a bunch of hanging buckets on which labels can be typed.

yes I know there are options for storing shortcuts in folders. No this isn't good enough. Yes I'm aware of control-d. Yes I know about nested folders for storing bookmarks. Yes I know about browser features x, y, z, and a that can store bookmarks. Yes I know about plugins q,r,s,t, and u that store bookmarks but none of them do this.
Voice, May 04 2011


       I don't know about other browsers these days but I know that Firefox likes to try and restore all your tabs if you crash out for some reason. So a snapshot of where you were must be recorded, so activating this snapshot feature via a hotkey is very doable (if it isn't done already, that is).

- for the idea though, due to a distinct lack of sausages.
DrBob, May 06 2011

       That depends if you have attention defecit disorder.
8th of 7, May 06 2011

       but if I'm instead inflicted with a host of other mental illnesses it does not depend, right?
Voice, Oct 20 2016


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