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Laugh bookmarks

You are using your computer. You see something that makes you actually laugh out loud. Your computer bookmarks it.
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I just spent about 4 hours looking at funny things online and laughed perhaps twice. It would be great if the computer automatically bookmarked things I actually laughed at so a month later I could look up about 60 of them and have a great time.

Of course the whole thing could be improved with visual technology with the computer noting facial expressions and pupillometry and coming up with a ten best experiences of the day bookmark list.

beanangel, Feb 18 2018


       Advertisers would adopt this tech far too quickly. As would politicians and anyone else wanting money.
RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2018

       You could add a central service to make suggestions. "People who laughed at this site also laughed at..."
Wrongfellow, Feb 19 2018

       Funny idea (not LOL funny, but nonetheless)
AusCan531, Feb 19 2018


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