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Various basic parts get laced together
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Standing in line at a hardware store today, there was a lady carrying a handbag that had a little tag on it saying "Ask me about my bag" --and a second lady came up and did exactly that. Apparently this bag was getting advertised on TV (I haven't seen any of the ads yet), and its gimmick is that you buy a basic bag, and a variety of "shells". Each outer shell attaches with magnets, and the more shells you buy, the more "different" bags you seem to have.

Well, the logical extreme extension of that notion is to sell a bunch of PARTS of handbags, that you then assemble however-you-please. You could then surround it with an appropriate shell, of course. Not to mention attach any of a wide variety of straps (different lengths).

One part of this Build-A-Bag might be a coin pouch. Another could be a thing to hold a checkbook and cash. Another could be to hold (organized, too!) tubes of lipstick. Another could be just a generic holder-for- stuff. And so on.

It seems to me that most of those parts will be significantly thinner in one dimension than the others. This means that each part could be seen as having 3 "edges") that need a way of being attached to the edges of other parts of a Build-A-Bag (the fourth edge is the one that opens into the interior of the part).

We want an attachment device that is reasonably sturdy (won't accidently come apart) but also can be disassembled fairly easily when you want to redesign your bag. I think that a system of lacings can look nice enough and otherwise fit the bill. The parts don't need to be as thoroughly laced together as, say, 10 eyelets on each edge --3 or 4 should be fine. A knot that comes apart by accident won't automatically mean the bag falls apart immediately.

I guess that's all.

Vernon, Jun 04 2011

the old Vernon Gravity_20Waves
[po, Jun 04 2011]

Jablonsky Exploding Handbag http://www.youtube....watch?v=qmazUlAN4eI
One more feature you might consider... [Grogster, Jun 05 2011]


       This is a reasonable idea, though I don't see the advantage over just having a bag, and putting things in it. However I am bemused by the idea of buying a bag, that is so ashamed to be seen naked that you have to get a second slightly larger magnetic bag to put it in.
pocmloc, Jun 04 2011

       you've got married - haven't you Vernon?
po, Jun 04 2011

       HANDBAGS !!!   

8th of 7, Jun 04 2011

       Somebody should mention Velcro at this point.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2011

       [pocmloc], the bag-shell that I saw only wrapped around 3 sides of the bag (the two large sides and the bottom).   

       [po], no, I'm still single. And when I first joined the HalfBakery, I had a LONG list of ideas to post. Which have mostly been posted by now. When just one might take years to be developed as thoroughly as I've previously done, it logically follows that the big complicated postings won't/can't happen as often as in my early days here. But dinky ideas can happen any old time, without needing a lot of development-thought.   

       [MaxwellBuchanan], I had given some thought about Velcro, but decided against it because it seemed to me, especially if the bag looked good enough that an outer shell was not needed, then some of the parts would have exposed Velcro strips that weren't attached to anything. I think the lacings idea does a better job of preventing unsightly UNconnections.
Vernon, Jun 05 2011

       Velcro, in a handbag, might collect schmutz.
[Vernon] have more respect for your "dinky" ideas: some of your audience like the simplicity. [+]
mouseposture, Jun 05 2011

       // Velcro, in a handbag, might collect schmutz //   

       <manic laughter>   

       Oh, the irony.   

       Since the whole raison d'etre of handbags seems to be to collect schmutz, dreck, fluff-covered boiled sweets, hairgrips, used bus tickets, furry lipsticks with the top missing, biros that won't write, biros that leak ink, expired store coupons, scraps of paper with numbers scribbled on them, broken sunglasses, leaky face- popwder compacts, nailfiles, combs, hairbrushes clogged with hair, chocolate wrappers and dual-drainer kitchen sinks with monobloc taps and waste disposer, a bit of velcro can hardly make things any worse.   



       }until (hell_ambient_temp == 0);   

       We will place the function in the link library for future use.
8th of 7, Jun 05 2011

Grogster, Jun 05 2011

       Saw an interesting bag this morning, called appropriately enough the "Paper Bag". Passed as a woman's handbag, or a generic tote or poke, but apparently constructed of woven paper and plants and, expandable.
reensure, Jun 05 2011

       Oh, [8th of 7]! For a moment there, I thought it was Lady Bracknell.
pertinax, Jun 06 2011


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