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Fake Conference Bag

"Chapeau World Conference - San Diego, 16-19 July 2005"
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As everyone who has ever been to an academic or business conference knows, you get a bag with the name of the conference on. This idea is for a range of fake conference bags to pique people's interest or suggest you've been on a fab boondoggle.

"Surfboard Designers Forum - Hawaii, March 20 -25 2004"

"Creative Writing Workshop, Costa Rica, 24-28 January 2005"

"Patisserie Trade Fair, Paris May 2-6 2003"
hippo, Jan 28 2005

(?) Clip Circles Clip_20Circles
[hippo, Jan 29 2005]

(??) Phoenix HalfCon Items! http://www.cafepress.com/ksrastuff
Sweeeeet! [k_sra, May 27 2005]

Fake Conference stuff http://www.cafepress.com/fakeconferences
[hippo, Mar 12 2006]


       National Gallery: December 2004
po, Jan 28 2005

       Would function well for skipping work for a week. "Business/Leadership Improvement Seminar" etc etc.
contracts, Jan 28 2005

       "International Adult Filmakers Workshop - Las Vegas, Nevada: April 8 - 16th 2004"   

       "Fabulous Boondoggle - Timbuktu, March 15 - 20th 2004"
cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

       I am more jealous of T-shirts (e.g. Pine Harbor Music Festival Orchestra 2003). Aww, I wish I had practiced the piano more.
phundug, Jan 28 2005

       i likes it!
jonthegeologist, Jan 28 2005

       Fifth Annual International Halfcon
-----Spring 2005-------London-----
Shz, Jan 28 2005

       Later, does your email account receive fake SPAM from the vendors you talked to on the fake exhibition floor?
krelnik, Jan 28 2005

       mmmmmmm butter!
po, Jan 29 2005

       Me gusta!! [+]
Pericles, Jan 29 2005

       I get the feeling that I missed something really good in December.
wagster, Jan 29 2005

       Laser P.A.N.T.I.E.S. 2005, London
wagster, Jan 29 2005

       [wagster] You missed the crop circles UnaBubba had bleached into his hair, thus cleverly baking his own "Clip Circles" idea (see link).
hippo, Jan 29 2005

       mind you,if it were a kid at my school I would have sent him to the doctor at the very least, to see if he were infectious.
po, Jan 29 2005

       And that's another bun for Clip Circles!
wagster, Jan 29 2005

       Dude, I just made some of these! Check the link! (Except of course, this HalfCon is real [crazy].)
k_sra, May 27 2005

       My soft briefcase is a bag I got from my sister--I don't know how she got it--Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Election Observation Mission.
I think it's fab, but in my current line of work I sometimes meet people who know what the OSCE logo stands for, and I have to pretend that I do too.
baconbrain, May 28 2005

       Nice, [k] - did you ever see the t-shirts st3f designed for the UK HalfCons?
hippo, May 28 2005

       Brilliant ! ([neilp] places an order for "Time Travelling - a thing of the past? Seattle, 10th April 2009")
neilp, May 28 2005

       Tailgaters Conference - May 14th-17 2005   

       Chemistry Camp - June 14th-17th 2005.
froglet, May 28 2005

       /"Time Travelling - a thing of the past? Seattle, 10th April 2009"/ That would make a very nice present.
baconbrain, May 29 2005

       I just saw someone on the tube with a surprisingly new-looking "Fiji Tropical Surf Team 1964" bag...
hippo, Jul 04 2005

       Like turning up to a district attorneys' drug conference with a bag full of drugs?
zen_tom, Jul 04 2005

       "National Convention of Fake Conference Bag Producers, Wigwig 2005."
Basepair, Jul 04 2005

       Well I've definitely gone off the idea of stalking k_sra now that I've seen how expensive it is.
DrBob, Jul 04 2005

       Yes, it's costly, [Dr.Bob], but it's worth it for the ones you love. ; )
k_sra, Jul 05 2005

       What do you do if you accidentilly have a fake bag with a name of a very very little known conference that your boss went to without you? [+]
CloakedBeauty, Jul 05 2005

       Well then, you explain to your boss how someone had spiked the water and that's why he/she doesn't remember you, then scold them for not picking up one of the bags.   

       Intergalactic Treaty and Monkey Infestation Conference - Roswell, July 10-17 2005.
Kozi4361, Jul 05 2005

       I like the idea of the 'Fiji Surf team' bag. A series of conference bags for conferences that were held before conference bags were invented.

Can we start with a bag for the 'Congress of Berlin, 1878' complete with profiles of Bismarck, Disraeli et al? It would bring a real highbrow caché to the conference bag world and make people think that you were a knowledgeable history geek, although you'd secretly know that you weren't, even though you know about things like the Congress of Berlin 1878. Umm...
DrBob, Jul 06 2005

       "Field of the Cloth of Gold - Royal Summit, 1520"
"Sermon on the Mount, The Mount, c.30 AD"
hippo, Jul 06 2005

       The Genesis, Eden, May 1-6, 4000 BC.
daseva, Jul 06 2005

       1999 National Procrastinator's Council Meeting, June 2005.
zigness, Mar 13 2006

       Great T-shirts, [Hippo].(see cafepress link) I'm more than a little tempted to buy both the "Conference du Monde de Patisserrie" and "Time Travel Ethics and Procedures Seminar" models. I'd look quite inappropriate in the "InterPizza" women's tank top, however.
jurist, Mar 13 2006

       Excellent - someone just walked past my desk wearing what looked like a brand-new "Sapporo Winter Games 1972" sweatshirt.
hippo, Oct 27 2006

       Love it! Just got back from the beer tasters Convention in Stuttgart.
energy guy, Oct 27 2006

       BUN! I actually do this myself. I buy plain white or blue tote bags and then I get that inkjet iron-on transfer paper. I also create fake "back stage" passes that I wear around my neck so when a big name singer comes to town I proudly wear my badge everywhere I go.
Jscotty, Oct 28 2006

       "It's in the bag" - Testicular Examination Conferance 2006
Skybird, Oct 28 2006

       Evil Twin Conference: 6.6.06-12.6.06
froglet, Oct 28 2006

       Afghani Nudist's Convention, 1st of Ramadan, 2006, Kandahar.
RayfordSteele, Jul 12 2007

       The Socratic Method at The Parthenon, Athens, 420 BCE   

       The Flux Capaciter Convention, The Doc Holiday University Auditorium, 1953
quantum_flux, May 22 2008

       I saw someone with "the restless nature of active galactic nuclei - Napoli 2013" on their bag today. He was dragging a large suitcase from which the wheels had been removed
stupop, Jul 01 2014

       "Third International Biological Warfare Trade Show - Sarawak 2011"   

       And why was this idea not brought to my attention sooner?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 01 2014

       Blinks eyes, shakes head, blinks eyes, shakes head...[stupop], no freeking way...I'm dreaming, somebody blink and shake for me please...
blissmiss, Jul 01 2014

       [Max] - I don't know - it's old and doesn't get a lot of airtime now - It's not what the kids are into. Mostly it shows up on 'Best of...' collections and 'Golden Oldies' shows...
hippo, Jul 02 2014

       Now That's What I Call Halfbakery Volume 22
calum, Jul 02 2014

       "GUEST SPEAKER, 23rd Annual Interplanetary Symposium on Time Travel and Exploration, Armstrong City, Luna, 23-30 June 2155"   

       For preference, it should look well-used. A couple of frayed, dangling baggage tags for "Martian Orbital Station, Business Class" and "Neptune -Triton Shuttle: Checked Baggage" would add an undeserved air of verisimilitude to an otherwise unconvincing narrative …   

8th of 7, Jul 02 2014

       "Halfbakery bake off and Fun Run   

       Paris to Moscow to Singapore 2015 to 2016"   

       Fanny pack   

       ( Would need to appear well worn to pass as ayuthentic. )
popbottle, Jul 04 2014

       Oh, well played, [8th].
pertinax, Jul 04 2014

       "Phony Business Conference Bar Crawl: San Diego California 2014"
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2014

       Time Travelers Symposium: August 4th, 4 B.C.E.
RayfordSteele, Dec 03 2014

       Hmm, my "Time travel ethics and procedures seminar - Feb 4 2016" t-shirt (see link) is not as funny now as it was in 2005
hippo, Nov 28 2016


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