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bag app

Shows you your bag like on a security screen
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So you know where everything is without having to rummage through your handbag. You can check if you put the keys in it without opening the bag, and have it remind you if you left an old banana inside.
pashute, Jun 14 2021


       How does it work?   

       Transparent handbags are commercially available.
pocmloc, Jun 14 2021

       I'm supposing a line scan camera positioned just inside the zipper which turns on upon unzipping, transmitting data to your phone? Voice control would be a plus.   

       "Bagman, where are my keys?"   

       "First pocket, next to the Walther you still haven't reloaded."
whatrock, Jun 14 2021

pashute, Jun 15 2021

       Wouldn't surprise me, the number of sensors packed into a mobile telephony computer, with constant data streaming to AI data analysing algorithms. What's next?, an early veruca warning system on a HALth OS.
wjt, Jun 20 2021


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