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The back-pack that grabs back
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A large, foam hand, the palm of which is hollow, and is an appropriate size for a backpack. A zip on the flat of the palm allows the wearer to put their belongings in it.
The fingers of the bag are all poseable and so it grips onto the wearers back, looking like a giant hand is holding onto them. Also comes in coloured leather for a more realistic appearance.
fridge duck, Jul 21 2005

I am but the first, I'm sure. http://www.bathyfor...aroque.html#HANDBAG
[moomintroll, Jul 22 2005]


       This sounds terrifying but I really want one nonetheless. I can't wait for any illustrations. [+]
pooduck, Jul 21 2005

       I can figure out places for the four fingers to go, but I'm not sure if I want to ask where the thumb would go.
hidden truths, Jul 22 2005

       That would be a hat for bad weather.
DrCurry, Jul 22 2005

       Haha I love the picture moomintroll.
fridge duck, Jul 22 2005

       Fully poseable eh? Extend one finger and it could be a billboard telling all you have had a bad day.   

       inside every puppet is a fist
benfrost, Jul 23 2005

       God that post scared me, Mr. frost.
Don't know why...
blissmiss, Jul 23 2005


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