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Bullseye Pizza Pan

Target aquired.
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You roll out the dough, give it a few artful twirls overhead, and press it into a regular pizza pan.
Then a two inch tall concentric ring tray, with individually removable lids, is placed over the dough, (to keep toppings from touching), and each trough is then filled with toppings and cheese of choice resulting in a pizza with different flavors every few bites.


       This is actually a good idea!
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 25 2015

       One big yummy yes!
blissmiss, Aug 25 2015

       I like this idea although at first I visualised the ring tray as a spiral where you munched your way into the centre. (Would work best for single serving size pizzas).
AusCan531, Aug 25 2015

       I should have put that in the idea. Definitely remove rings before baking... or you'll get cheeses all over your dessert pizza.   

       Praise Cheeses!   

       I love it!   

       Sadly I can't see your average fast food outlet being willing to put in the extra tooling or allocate sufficient preparation time to make this a commercial hit. It seems to go against the established drive towards throwing a pizza together as quickly as possible.   

       I guess I'll need to invest in some of those concentric topping separator rings.
Tulaine, Aug 25 2015

       I really thought this was an idea about firing a weapon at pizza dough
evilpenguin, Aug 25 2015

Voice, Aug 25 2015

       Speciallll Tooopppinggs. Wait, is there an echo in here or what???
blissmiss, Aug 25 2015

       + tasty and pretty, too!
xandram, Aug 27 2015


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