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Pizza without the doughy crust
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A foodstuff similar to the pizza except that the "crust" is made of deep-fried cheeze, with just enough ground nuts or high-fiber powder to provide a good grasping surface.

Temperature regulation, to ensure that the bottom part of the pizza remained acceptably solid while the top part was pleasantly goopy, would be a challenge; with the right mix of cheeses, though, I'd think it could be made to work.

supercat, Feb 07 2003


       I can see it working in a shaped pan, so that the cheese doesn't run anywhere. Your toppings might melt down into the crust but that would be fine (especially if it's a cheese pizza ;-)   

       How many cheezzas do you think it would take before you earn your first free double-bypass?
mgangemi, Feb 07 2003

       mgangemi -- Depends whether your carbohydrate consumption is low enough to establish ongoing lipolysis to get rid of the injested fat.   

       From what I've read, it seems that contrary to what naysayers predicted, the Atkins-style moderate-fat low-carbohydrate diets tend to reduce "bad" cholesterol levels compared with low-fat primarily-carbohydrate diets.
supercat, Feb 07 2003

       As a side for the diet?
mgangemi, Feb 07 2003

       That pain on your left side is cheese stuck
thumbwax, Feb 07 2003

       //You can always order cheese sticks as a side dish//   

       Yeah, but cheese sticks don't have tomato, mushroom, sausage, or anything fun like that. The goal of cheezza is to have much of the good taste of pizza without the carbohydrate.
supercat, Feb 07 2003

       I think pizza hut just started doing something similar. They just cover the cheese filled crust with MORE cheese. If there's one thing Americans need more of, its dairy products. . .
notme, Feb 08 2003

       Interestingly, some people have fishboned this idea. For the benefit of mankind, it is our solem duty to hunt them down and kill them ....   

       Cheese-flvoured, cheese coated croissant (on a bed of melted cheese....)
8th of 7, Feb 08 2003

       8th of 7: Thanks for the + vote. Given the reaction here and on another related idea (Controlled carbohydrate menu for mainstream/chain restaurants), I think people here are skeptical of the Atkins Nutritional Approach(tm). Too bad, since I think the science is really starting to show that diets high in carbohydrates are bad news.   

       From my own limitted personal experience, minimal-carb dining seems to produce lipolysis/ketosis (i.e. fat-burning) effects, but I either have to go to restaurants and not get or not eat all the food I'm paying for [and still have to worry about hidden sugars], or else I have to settle for my own inept cooking.   

       PS--I'm also disappointed nobody seems to like my attempt at a clever name.
supercat, Feb 08 2003

       Hey, look at that cool attempt at a clever name.   

       Croissant for making my mouth water.
egbert, Feb 09 2003


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