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Bullseye Soda

Soda cans, with targets
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As I was setting up the improvised targets (aluminum cans), it occured to me: someone (maybe one of the bigger sporting goods stores) could market a gimmicky brand of canned soda with preprinted targets, printed as large as feasible, marked with points values --- maybe animal silhouettes.

I've seen beer available in cans much larger than the typical 12 oz. soda cans. Those would be more practical to use with printed targets, but there's just no way I'm recommending beer with a firearm chaser.

half, Jan 16 2006


       Would the target have a red bull? ;)
Minimal, Jan 16 2006

       "You couldn't hit the broad side of a Dinkelaker!"
Shz, Jan 16 2006

       Related product: maybe some sort of animal cracker holder-upper for big game hunters.
half, Jan 17 2006

       Make the "soda" extra fizzy and don't open the cans, and you'll have even better targets, and probably better sales.   

       I've used a shotgun on full cans of beer a few times--no target needed and a great show. I've also seen pictures of high-impact bullets hitting full cans of soda with dramatic results.   

       Maybe put some soap in the mix for better bubbles, too. And for laughs if someone drinks it.
baconbrain, Jan 18 2006


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