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Bumper Car Tunnels

Just like the name suggests...hehehe
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Personally, I'm quite tired of the same old boring drive to and from work everyday, or to and from the mall, or to and from anywhere for that matter. I find constantly driving the same roads every day with nothing to break the monotony (except the occasional bad driver, which is just scary) to be mind-numbing, and wasteful (think of all the gas you burn just in a day of running errands or driving to work and back).

Mass transportation like busses and subways is ok, but it still gets old and you waste time by having to make stops to pick up and drop off other people. So I propose converting the subway tunnels to bumper car tunnels. There would be huge bumper car corrals at every major shopping and business center, and also at the biggest residential areas, all connected to one tunnel system. This way you could walk to the nearest corral, then drive in a bumper car anywhere you need to go.

Bad day at work? No problem! Just got cut off? Don't get mad, get even! Take it out on your fellow citizens in a vehicle designed to handle it. This, I think would help a lot towards making society more enjoyable and stress-free. Be the ultimate ROAD WARRIOR!

21 Quest, May 12 2006


       how IS civilian life?
po, May 12 2006

       Its ok. I don't prefer it, but it's got its advantages.
21 Quest, May 12 2006

       + Look out, I'm driving the pink one with green stars on it......
xandram, May 13 2006

       Please rename the idea: bumper car mass transit. You don't necessarily need tunnels for it, any open roads would do, and then you could breath the clean air (bumper cars presumably will work on electricity) on a nice day. Then again, you could have a "bumping interface" to recharge the battery.
pashute, Jan 28 2009


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