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Bumper Coaster.

Single car coasters that ram into each other.
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This idea was spawned off the single coaster idea.

Each car would have its own drive motor and would get its power from a third rail. Each car would have two seats. The person on the left would have one pedal for acceleration. There would be no brakes. Either coast or accelerate. The car would not be allowed to go backwards of course. You could go as fast or a slow as you want around the track. You could run into people going up hill or while in mid loop.

Of course there would be a certain number of cars that are purposely made slower than the others. For the fun of it.

Antegrity, Sep 27 2005


       For that matter the seats in the coaster could rotate a full 360 degrees so as to face your attacker or get a better view of the park. Ride time would be limited, but still allow plenty of time to sit at the top of a hill or upside down in a loop. The controller would have the option to take control away from the user, and bring the cars back in. Since most roller coasters barely last over a minute, I think allowing people 10 or 15 minutes to go the full length of the track is plenty of time.
Antegrity, Nov 23 2005

       where do the weapons come into it?
benfrost, Nov 23 2005

       The person riding shotgun, could be armed with any number of weapons, clubs, swords, batons, lances.   

       All riders would be given medieval body armor and head protection.   

       Or simply give them all paint ball guns. And rewards points for target shooting. Add multiple tracks that run paralel to one another and sometimes in the opposite directions so you could get some jousting going on.
Antegrity, Nov 23 2005


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