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constipation rollercoaster

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My idea is a rollercoaster with a built in toilet to relive constipation, scarring you out of your wits .
gizmo, Jul 07 2003


       scarring? or scareing?   

       love you mate, hows your mum?   

       re: your idea. you are a genius!   

       sp: relieve. jumping up and down to see you!
po, Jul 07 2003

       Call it the " Whiz-mo' " [gizmo]. And build it at Pismo (Beach). Or not.
phoenix, Jul 07 2003

       I hope this rollercoastoer doesn't do very wild turns, or the "relieved" material that will land upon the people waiting on the line will make them release more "undigested" food items. Yuck.
Pericles, Jul 07 2003

       negative voters - we know who you are - hah
po, Jul 07 2003

       In case you were wondering, I didn't vote.
Pericles, Jul 07 2003

       It seems to me that a series of very tight turns might utilize centrifugal force to help the elimination process.
bungston, Jul 07 2003

       Mould the seats so that the knees are up near (but not at) the chin, for a healthier, more complete expulsion.
my face your, Jul 07 2003

       How about a stall in an elevator with disabled motor and brakes and a big spring at the bottom of the shaft?
FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2003


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