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Disorient Express 2: The Ride Deepens

A Loss of Altitude
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For my next coaster, something similar to, but quite different from, the first:

You ride in the same type of car as in the original <plug type="shameless">Disorient Express (see link)</plug>. Starting out on a flat track section, you go up a 300-foot-tall incline, and face certain doom: a 600-foot vertical drop, straight into the dirt. Only 50 feet (at >100 miles per hour) from the ground do you see the tiny, just-barely-fits tunnel entrance which gulps you down. And down. And down. In total darkness, you can feel and hear both the acceleration as gravity pulls you to over 250 miles per hour, and the temperature as you go ever deeper (if you're not sweating now, you will). Where DOES it end?

Violent (but not brain-killing) shaking jars you around. Then barrel rolls, and other disorienting tricks,...uh...disorient you. You're whipped around to the up direction again. Finally, it's ending. NOT!

The track wasn't finished, you realize as the incredibly realistically-designed hill curves back down (still in darkness) and you hurtle down (what seems to be) a bottomless pit. After sufficient evidence to convince you you're a goner, you're brought back up to the real end of the ride. Of course, you have to rocket into the hillside, as with the first one, to go back to the station.

This would require extensive tunnels lined with reinforced concrete, built to withstand the heat and pressure of 'way down there' (which happens to be about 2-4 times as deep as the first Express goes). Also, the wheels and bearings would have to be from jet engines or something, just like from the original. However, it doesn't need a 2000-foot-high cliff, therefore it can be built in a more convenient location (closer to a major city).

All in all, it is a thrill ride like no other.

galukalock, Mar 10 2003

The Original Disorient Express http://www.halfbake...ess_3a_20The_20Ride
The first one, linked for reference purposes. [galukalock, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Sounds like New York's subway system.   

       I presume white pants don't go with that outfit.
thumbwax, Mar 10 2003

       <temple of doom>Does it come with lava pits and crazed drug-induced zombie cultists who chase you in another car?
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2003

       I don't know about lava, seeing as how it's really super ultra double hot enough to melt steel. As for zombies, they wouldn't be much use till the end of the ride.
galukalock, Mar 10 2003

       I don't know, but it reminds me of a joke that makes me chuckle.

       Why don't blind people parachute?
Because it scares the living shit out of their dogs.

       If this offends anyone, I apologize in advance; I just figure that if you can't laugh at the human condition, or living daylights, what can you laugh at?   

       How I'm supposed to get a meal in the dining car on this thing is anyone's guess...
Cedar Park, Mar 11 2003

       Accually, I'd probably have to starve my elf 4 a week in order 4 me not to barf.   

       But my over-all opinion, is that it would be a great ride if anyone wanted to spend all the oodles of money it would take.   

       Can anyone say: YEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!
smileydudette, Mar 11 2003

       galukalock, edit complete.   

       1 question: where will you find customers for the ride? Weren't they all turned into a thin layer of jam by the first one? Hey, that's 2 questions.
sambwiches, Mar 11 2003

       [shy 2 fries], if you don't want to change the word which offended me, you don't have to be sarcastic. I'll understand. I won't like it, but I'll have that much more respect for you.   

       [samb], the first coaster may scare the living daylights out of them, but it won't kill them. If it did, what would be the point? It'd only be good for death-row inmates. Yes, I know, you were only joking. So was I.
galukalock, Mar 11 2003

       Nicely done, fry fry.   

       Galuc, there's much worse that that to be found here. Don't fret it. Words is just words, man.
waugsqueke, Mar 11 2003

       I know there's worse. I just find it more offensive to see those words on my ideas, that's all.
galukalock, Mar 11 2003

       You should combine this with the original so that in looks like the two (Seemingly unconnected) rides would look like they would collide, only to pull away. Also you should show fake colsion, and bits of track falling. And have a fake cart "Filled with riders" crash underground. But I would definetly want to see that ride. Cool.
Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005


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