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Contest Movement

Explanation of title found below.
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Beyond the realm of mere word invention are the similar notions of contest, contesting, contestant, and 'contester'. In the usual sense these words, except for the lattermost, refer to a sort of dispute between rivals. In contrast the word protest means to state disapproval about something.

The label protester seems to be so prominent used lately. Spectators are quick to label anyone objecting to something protesters, and those objecting to something just as readily adopt the label. The problem with that, if it is not obvious, is sometimes people are objecting to something they disagree with, and at other times, quite frankly, people are objecting to other people. The former should be considered protesters and the latter should be considered this new thing called 'contesters'.

One can become the other, as they often do. As such modern day protestants would be considered contestants by this logic. Protesters who are forcefully supressed by the powers that be might also become contestants, or 'contesters'. On the other hand, contesters might become protesters for example if they conclude what they object to is not innate in their adversaries, and simply their ideas for example.

The current contesters who are being called protesters should solidify this new meaning by challenging various people they oppose to contests.

rcarty, Nov 23 2011


       <resists obvious Python reference>
DrBob, Nov 23 2011

       I think protester should refer to people who are advocating something, like better education, and contester should be used for people objecting to something, like increased school fees. These 2 groups might be on the same street at the same time, so you would be able to differentiate between them and you also have pro & con.
marklar, Nov 23 2011

       I, the opposition, oppose the proposition of this proposer.
swimswim, Nov 23 2011

       I think this smacks of naming
theircompetitor, Nov 23 2011

       Looking at your profile I notice many of your ideas have been named. This idea for a new type of protest involving contests also requires a name.
rcarty, Nov 23 2011

       I missed the bit where it outlined why it's a good idea to confuse non-Catholics and Game-Show participants alike with yet another shift in arbitrary naming conventions. The last time that happened we spawned the word "antidisestablishmentarianism" which did nobody any good.
zen_tom, Nov 24 2011

       I'm sure I've been guilty, rcarty, my point was that it's quite likely the idea seems to derive from the play n words rather than the opposite. Carry on.
theircompetitor, Nov 24 2011


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