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Bunfire Night

A fiery celebration of bakery goodness
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On the date of the Halfbakery Crash of '04, celebrants gather in their respective countries and toast croissants over fire to a dark crisp, symbolizing the life, death, and renewal of the 'bakery.

It doesn't hurt any that I like my toast burned.

normzone, Jan 18 2006

Credit where credit is due - Move_20Bonfire_20Night
[normzone, Jan 18 2006]

Here's Phoenix HalfCon_20Arizona
[normzone, Jan 21 2006]


       is snogging permittable?   

       <grabs norm!>   

       hey, you're a bit premature though?
po, Jan 18 2006

DrCurry, Jan 18 2006

       Yahoo! Snogging is on!
normzone, Jan 18 2006

       where's [phoenix]?
po, Jan 19 2006

       [po] It's a fire - where do you *think* a phoenix would be?
coprocephalous, Jan 19 2006

       my point exactly.
po, Jan 19 2006

       Where's the snogging?
ye_river_xiv, Oct 06 2006


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