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Change Halfbakery Meetups to 'Occupy X'

Nobody really knows what the Occupiers really want, anyway.
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I envision Halfbakers bringing towels, libations, and crazy-looking socks to 'occupy' absurd locations, like a pub in Lewes, Fishbones Restaurant, Stonehenge, for meetups. (marked for editing later)

Free publicity, not that we actually want it.

RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2011

Tails For All A suitable placard [pocmloc, Dec 02 2011]

best placard http://www.gocomics...sequitur/2011/11/30
[zeno, Dec 02 2011]


       Like a slow-motion flashmob with people of questionable sanity?
swimswim, Dec 01 2011

       Signs. We need absurd signs, like 'DOWN WITH THE MIME OPPRESSORS!', 'Say no to poisoning cats!', 'WHO WILL PAY FOR THE INCREASE IN ENTROPY?', 'STOP UNIVERSAL EXPANSION!' and such.
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2011

       We are the 50*SQRT[-1] percent!
Does anybody REALLY know both the position and velocity of our economy?!?
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2011

       My sign:We are half right! [+]
Trebuchets for all workers.
xandram, Dec 01 2011

       no, that was "Free Launch"; see [xandram]'s annotation.
FlyingToaster, Dec 01 2011

       "Did somebody say there was pie"   

       "Where's the pie?"
rcarty, Dec 01 2011

       //Nobody really knows what the Occupiers really want, anyway//

Not even the Occupiers it seems. I spent a short time with some of them yesterday whilst I was marching up & down in an attempt to stop George Osborne nicking my pension and I have one of their leaflets in front of me at this very moment. It looks remarkably like the section on the halfbakery help page about reasons to be marked for you-know-what. Big on aspiration, but a bit short on the crucial detail of how it is to be achieved.

I liked them, but camping in a muddy field politely out of everyone's way isn't likely to get much achieved.

The anarchists who were marching just ahead of me were rather more effective at getting attention. Especially when they suddenly & unexpectedly marched off in a different direction to everyone else!
DrBob, Dec 01 2011

       "Occupations not occupations!" "8 x 3.1415925"
"Eye Pie!"
"This is not a sign!"
"Sign, sign everywhere a sign!"
rcarty, Dec 01 2011

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2011

       "The beginning is nigh!"
(I know you didn't ask for a list, but you got one anyway, for free!)
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 01 2011

       The un-occupation, occupation. Don't be present, bring presents.
blissmiss, Dec 02 2011

       // "The beginning is nigh!"// umm... nightshade ? nightstand ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 02 2011

       "Send in the clones!"
"My other sign is in portent!"
"Will work for feud!"
"Disestablishmentarianism -ists!"
"All for bun, and bun for all!"

       If we pay 50% of the taxes, we want 50% of the croissant
theircompetitor, Dec 02 2011

       The pre-occupation occupation - we've been here before, but weren't paying attention.
lurch, Dec 02 2011

       Hmm.... there's the answer: Preoccupy Wall Street. Keep those bankers busy adding and removing stars from their bellies for awhile while the rest of America catches our collective breath for a few years.
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2011

       If this happens, bags I "Marked for Dilution: No Idea"
mouseposture, Dec 03 2011

       Which pub in Lewes were you thinking of?
TomP, Dec 03 2011


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