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Brisbane Heisenberg Halfcon

Can you guess where I'm calling from?
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The idea is that this is a truly halfbaked invitation to a halfcon, in Brisbane, Australia.

Heads up for anyone in the Brisbane area on Tuesday 19 June, 2012. There will be a halfcon in the lobby at the Brisbane Hilton Hotel.

Of course, this time may have already passed, in your part of the world, so you can think of it as a Heisenberg Halfcon, if that is the case.

UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012


       Ooooh, oooh! I think I can just make that one. You will recognize me as I won't be wearing a carnation in my lapel. [+]
AusCan531, Jun 22 2012

       Apologies, I won't be able to have made it.
tatterdemalion, Jun 22 2012

       I was there tomorrow, where were you guys?
Alterother, Jun 22 2012

       They would have been being happy at the likely participation of their online friends.
UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012

       You'll be laughing on the other side of your face in around six centuries' time when the Arabs have taken over Australia and there really is a halfcon there. I have no explanation for their adoption of Gregorian month names though.
nineteenthly, Jun 22 2012

       I plan to be dead in six centuries from now.
UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012

       //this time may have already passed, in your part of the world//   

       Nah. When it's 2012 in the UK, it'll still only be about 1957 in oz.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2012

       I'll make an effort to send some nutrinos that passed briefly through me in that direction. If I'm really extraordinarily lucky I might deflect one.   

       I'll also make an effort to pop some particles in and out of existence there that may or may not have any association with my person whatsoever.
RayfordSteele, Jun 22 2012

       Ah, you poor insubstantial and tiny person who is not a neutronium sphere a parsec in diameter, [RayfordSteele].
nineteenthly, Jun 22 2012

       Will Schrödinger be there?
xandram, Jun 22 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2012

       //'ll make an effort to send some nutrinos that passed briefly through me in that direction.//   

Apparently the primordial neutrino flux is 3*10^12 (neutrinos per square centimeter per second.
Or 3*10^16 per square meter per second.
Presumably these are evenly distributed.
Consider a sphere with the surface area (in m^2) of the neutrino flux (per sec per m^2). Each square meter of the surface will pass a neutrino from that central square meter on average once a second.
Therefore, the range at which you can reliably emit a neutrino from a 1m^2 'source' to a 1m^2 target in a few seconds is:
sqrt(3*10^16/(4*pi))=2.4*10^15 meters

       UnaBubba, I'm sending you more neutrinos than you'll ever need. Use them wisely.
Loris, Jun 22 2012

       // UnaBubba, I'm sending you more neutrinos than you'll ever need. Use them wisely //   

       We're sending you a cat, a detector and a radioactive source in a sealed box. Second class. Via Bulgaria, Tristan da Cunha and Solihull. Don't open the box, it will probably smell baaaaaad ... but you won't know, unless you open the box.
8th of 7, Jun 22 2012

UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012

       //Seems wrong to me.//   

       _possibly_ fixed. Think I neglected a bracket in the written formula, so I put one in. I might have made other mistakes in the calculation (it took longer than I had to write the anno, so I was in a hurry). I've still not checked it properly though - hope to get back to it.
Loris, Jun 23 2012

       Do people from here meet up for halfbakedness or was this a one-off?
Phrontistery, Jul 01 2012

       Usually we just meet in small groups and laugh about those not in on the joke, [Phront].
UnaBubba, Jul 01 2012

       I can see why there aren't many.
Phrontistery, Jul 03 2012

       Sorry, were you invited?
UnaBubba, Jul 03 2012

       There's a certain satisfaction in seeing someone prove me right :)
Phrontistery, Jul 03 2012

       I wasn't there again, today.
pertinax, Jul 12 2012


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