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Call-in HB party

Phone line party!
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Phone party line available for everyone. email ksrasra AT gmail DOT com for dial in number and pin. Yay! =)

Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 9:30am pacific time.

k_sra, Oct 17 2007

KCRA http://www.kcra.com/index.html
Sacramento station [csea, Oct 18 2007]

Queen of Tarts Bakery Cafe http://www.yelp.com..._J0wzDX-A0SkigFue9A
Possible venue? [csea, Oct 22 2007]

Time Zones, Pacific http://www.time.gov...i?Pacific/d/-8/java
[zen_tom, Oct 26 2007]


       Let me know if your ever in NYS   

       (hides behind couch, looks out for jutta witnessing social networking on her site)
evilpenguin, Oct 17 2007

       I was born and raised almost due north of Sacramento and almost due west of Reno.   

       It's too bad I never go back there for visits anymore. I could stand to hang out with you again for a few minutes.
half, Oct 17 2007

       My daughter just got back from a trip to outside Davis (Sacramento). She left around 3pm today, and was back by 9pm, so it's not a huge trip. I think it's a good omen that there's a local station K_CRA (!)   

       Would like to meet up, will see depending on the timing. Any SF locals (Jutta, Hob?) want to carpool? I'd be happy to drive. I did a brief search for a bakery/restaurant in Sac-Town, but didn't find the ideal.   

       [half] I found the plush bun/bone you sent, will bring to the next gettogether.
csea, Oct 18 2007

       Cool. Pictures, please. :)   

       Say...wasn't I supposed to contact you to get something from you a while back? Sorry, it slipped my mind. I hope that project is doing well.
half, Oct 18 2007

       [half] We discussed exchanging a new FWI CD for something of similar value. None of your gambits made the cut. [resists using emoticon ;) ]
csea, Oct 19 2007

       Can I say 'hi' as you drive past, or are you just going to fly over?
lurch, Oct 19 2007

       flying in. no wait, driving to Sacramento Friday. Saturday morning is available. Anyone fancy a bagel or a croissant? [lurch], i will wave all the way.
k_sra, Oct 19 2007

       You'll know when to wave 'cause I'll paint your plane as it passes overhead.
lurch, Oct 19 2007

       //I'll paint your plane as it passes overhead.//   

       can't wait. :P   

       //I could stand to hang out with you again for a few minutes.//   

       oh, [half], you flatter me so! : )
k_sra, Oct 19 2007

       Aw, c'mon. You know I enjoy your company. Never will I forget the time we spent getting to know one another, the meals we shared, the stimulating conversation, the riotous laughter, the good time we had that night on the lake under the stars . . .
half, Oct 21 2007

       Think I heard that story. Something about having to swim all the way back to shore after the the raft sank, wasn't it?
normzone, Oct 21 2007

       See [link] for possible venue. I haven't been there, but sounds (smells?) nice.   

       Another is "Joe's Crab Shack." I had a great meal there with my wife overlooking the Hawaiian Chieftan sailing vessel, earlier this year. May be a bit noisy on a Saturday. Old Town is worth a look, if a bit touristy.   

       //Any SF locals (Jutta, Hob?) want to carpool? //
csea, Oct 22 2007

       Queen of Tarts Bakery Cafe
3608 McKinley Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 451-3102

       we'll try to be there at 9:30am {edit 10:00am}. tap once if by land. two if by sea. and don't order the scones; i hear they've deteriorated under new management.
k_sra, Oct 22 2007

       Sorry, I have to take a rain check for this weekend. Bring back photos, okay?
jutta, Oct 23 2007

       Have fun. I almost found a way to be there, but sadly won't make it to Sacramento until late Thursday Nov 1st. Maybe somebody can order the pumpkin pie then torture me with how tasty it is.   

       Yes, definitely, pictures please!   

       <wipes pumpkin pie drool off keyboard>
Canuck, Oct 23 2007

       we will take photos. maybe of nothing, but we'll still take pictures! : )   

       i don't think anyone's given me a definite "yes." i think [csea] is just flirting with me. any rate, maybe we should just post photos of our lovely elves for fun and profit.
k_sra, Oct 25 2007

       //i think [csea] is just flirting with me. //   

       Aw, [k_sra], what gave you that impression? Flirting is all I have permission to do from my beloved wife of 27 years ;)   

       I didn't know if you'd want to meet up with an older man in a strange place, so unless there are others, I will forgo the pleasure.   

       Photos available via links in my profile [csea].
csea, Oct 26 2007

       I'm sure I need not worry. I'm with my boyfriend and you are no monster. Plans have changed slighty and Everyone is invited! A phone party line starts for all HBers at 9:30am pacific time. -[Censored by request; please contact k_sra in email for phone number details. Sorry! --jutta] Hope to hear from a lot of you!
k_sra, Oct 26 2007

       Ha! Sounds ace - what time is Pacific time in terms of here? - Just Googled it, and it seems that over there, it's 11:10am, while here it's 19:10pm. That's a whole bunch of hours. Is that right? Or is it Pacific, Missouri - it's 13:10pm there, which seems more sensible.
zen_tom, Oct 26 2007

       GMT-7, if that means anything to you.
DrCurry, Oct 26 2007

       A big hello from GMT+8. 'fraid I'll be fast asleep during this party.
pertinax, Oct 27 2007

       should that be C U T -7?   

       9.30 a.m. Pacific time would be 5.30 p.m. in London, I believe. Don't move it to Sunday because the clocks go back and we'd be in a bigger mess.
po, Oct 27 2007

       Hmm, requested # last night, no response as of 9am... :(
csea, Oct 27 2007

       [csea], just emailed you the info. sorry for the last minute switch neccesitating an administrative edit. that'll teach me to check my email more often! hope to talk to you soon.
k_sra, Oct 27 2007

       I had a short but delightful chat with [k_sra] this morning, but was surprised that we weren't joined by numerous other halfbakers! [k_sra] is as charming to talk to by phone as she is to read via annotation.   

       Couldn't get my POTS (plain old telephone system)retro-custard powered thermal imaging device to work, so no photos, sorry! Maybe by next time I'll have the bugs worked out.
csea, Oct 27 2007

       sings <hanging on the telephone>
po, Oct 27 2007

       {Turns up late, with a bottle of cheap plonk...starts to rain}
Dub, Oct 27 2007

       {Rain trickles down nose}
Dub, Oct 28 2007

       {offers umbrella, handkerchief, wine glass and towel} There's a roaring fire in the grate here; consider it virtually shared.
pertinax, Oct 28 2007

       {offers fire-extinguisher and sedative to [rcarty]}   

       {offers bouquet to [jutta], to apologize for overly social use of site}   


       {kicks empty, broken cornucopia} Where can I get a refill for that thing?
pertinax, Oct 29 2007

       sorry we missed you, [Dub]! it was very nice to talk to [csea] for the first time. in other news, i did get engaged later that day to my (now) fiance. :)   

       it was a wonderful trip out west. sorry we didn't get to meet/speak with more 'bakers.
k_sra, Nov 01 2007


       Sorry I missed it. Only just saw this idea.
Jinbish, Nov 01 2007

       "shit", sorry I missed it too!
blissmiss, Nov 01 2007

       congratulations, k_sra. :)   

       I rang twice but no-one was there :(
po, Nov 01 2007

       [po], thank you! : ) and what a bummer! :(   

       Maybe we could work out a different time. not sure the same method will be availabale to us, but there has to be a party-line of some sort useable to all...
k_sra, Nov 01 2007

       *** Call the JB-HB Party Line# NOW!***

       (#Not actual service - calls will be charged at 5 Kabillion/minute##)   

       (##note - Kabillion not genuine prefix)
Jinbish, Nov 01 2007


       //i did get engaged later that day//   

       Wow! Best wishes for a long and successful marriage! I guess you hubby-to-be wanted to be sure you weren't lured away by strange men ;) When's the happy date?   

       [po] I'm sorry to have missed talking with you.
csea, Nov 02 2007

       //i did get engaged later that day//   

       I really should make the effort to read *all* annotations!   

       Excellent news Miss [sra]!
Jinbish, Nov 02 2007

       //i did get engaged later that day//

Congratulations! - but does your fiancé know about your HalfBakery habit?
hippo, Nov 02 2007

       {pictures two dozen contraption-assisted half-bakers gate-crashing the wedding reception and arguing loudly among ourselves - I mean, themselves - about something entirely unrelated}
pertinax, Nov 02 2007

       love it, [pertinax]. i'm kind of dreading the arrangement part of this whole "wedding" thing. i'm a small wedding girl myself. justice of the peace and two witnesses and i'd be happy, but he's social and comes from a big family. it just wouldn't suit him to do it small.   

       no date set as of yet. likely to be within a year. so if anyone has great tips or advice, i'm all ears. (email is great!)   

       thanks for the well wishes. I'm a happy girl. : )
k_sra, Nov 02 2007

       That's great news, k_sra! Congratulations to you and your impending hubby!
lostdog, Nov 02 2007

       {sniff} Cheers. Anyone seen the bottle opener?
Dub, Nov 05 2007

       I've got one here.
pertinax, Nov 05 2007

       //myself. justice of the peace and two witnesses and i'd be happy//   

       That's nice. But don't you think you're forgetting someone (coughthegroomcough)? Just kidding! Anyways, good luck!
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 05 2007

       oh, sorry, yes. i kind of consider him me already. it's an 'us' thing. and of course, everyone on the HalfBakery will be expected to attend.
k_sra, Nov 06 2007

       Just have a half-croissant as your corsage on the day its elf.
lostdog, Nov 06 2007


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