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Burnt at the Stake Awards

That Sounds Like Witch Talk To Me.
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The awards that are given every year for feats that, in times of yore, would have led to the recipients being burnt alive.

Of course the ceremony would be dominated by the best conjurers, illusionists and magicians. There would also be the Oscar suggestive (Isn't every thing a pointer to the Oscars this time of year) category for best special effects in a movie, as well as a category for those who have done things that seem to be genuinely miraculous e.g. those that seem to be able to heal via touch, people with amazingly implausible luck. There are dozens of stories about such people every year, so I doubt that nominations would be lacking. It could be an indication to the Vatican for future saints.

The awards themselves would be statues depicting a figure tied to a column surrounded by flames, I'd give an illustration, but I can't draw.

hidden truths, Sep 21 2005

2003 Winner http://news.bbc.co..../health/3235934.stm
[calum, Sep 21 2005]


       Absolutely! I mean, where is it written that "no miracle may be commercially successful"? (Psst, I'd never mention the Vatican when discussing something like this, but since you already did, they'd never submit to oversight here. Hell's bells, they've yet to condemn dispensationalism (at least in modern times)."
reensure, Sep 21 2005

       you mean antidisestablishmentarianism.
schmendrick, Sep 21 2005

       Yummm! Burnt steak.
sleeka, Sep 21 2005

       I'd rather watch that on T.V. than the Emmys.
hobbitcoat, Sep 22 2005

       Nice link. I especially liked the quote 'doctors say she has a condition called "foreign accent syndrome"'. Priceless. That's so very like the medical profession.
"Doctor, I have a wooden leg!"
"Ah yes, you're suffering from wooden leg syndrome."
moomintroll, Sep 22 2005

       Proving once again that we Hoosiers are really just Brits with layers of American nonsense piled on.
RayfordSteele, Sep 23 2005

       That would be great! For some reason this reminds me of the Darwin awards.
consadine, May 19 2006

       What about particularly unlucky people?
nineteenthly, Jan 29 2009


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