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Every Dog Has Its Duplex

Best in Show dog-house
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It's Crufts time again, and hundereds of dogs will soon be paraded, along with their proud owners, in front of an international audience of millions. (see link)

We get to see the dogs lining up, running around, walking up and down, performing various tasks and generally being presented in their best possible condition.

What we don't get to see are the outrageous, fantasy homes where the dogs might live.

Every Dog Has Its Duplex focuses on this most important aspect of any dog's life, by running a competition to see which one has the best kennel.

Each kennel would be introduced by an expert, who would go on to describe its various features, internal and exterior decor, in the manner of a trained real estate presenter. Property style brochures would also be available for the public to browse.

".....and which Jack Russell wouldn't delight in spending the night in this charming, miniature Airstream caravan (in flocked magenta), complete with contrasting Norman Castle style entrance drawbridge, and gurgling water feature?"

xenzag, Mar 08 2007

Crufts http://www.thekenne...vities/crufts.html/
an English dog's home is its kennel [xenzag, Mar 08 2007]

Airstream http://www.vintaget...th_edition_main.jpg
perfect for a Jack Russell (magenta flocking and drawbridge entrance feature available as extras) [xenzag, Mar 08 2007]

hmmmm, seems a common misconception. oops. http://www.ciao.co....urry_Sauce__5768353
[po, Mar 09 2007]

in the doghouse! http://architecturefordogs.com/
I wonder if every idea on the halfbakery will in time be harvested and realised? [xenzag, Feb 27 2014]


       Sounds like a TV program waiting to happen. 'Pimp My Kennel' or somesuch. Urgh.[-]
moomintroll, Mar 08 2007

       I really dislike Crufts.
theleopard, Mar 08 2007

       Life Styles of the Bitch and Famous wouldn't be complete without a video segments on the obstacles overcome by Foo-foo on her long climb to stardom, preparing for the event, the best doggie coffiure artists, advertising for high-end kennel accessories, etc.
nuclear hobo, Mar 08 2007

       Just no. So very, very no.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2007

       Ian, that's a welsh LL
po, Mar 08 2007

       This is no siller than Crufts. Maybe less silly.
wagster, Mar 08 2007

       //Ian, that's a welsh LL// Does that mean we are allowed to make that cat- regurgitating-a-stickleback noise at the start of his name?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2007

       Now I wish I had put up a website at the time of writing up the idea, running a competition. (see last link) Oh well, every dog has its day, as well as its duplex.
xenzag, Feb 27 2014

       And here I was, hoping to read an idea related to quantum entangled dogs and possibly bark-based faster-than-light communication. It'd be nice to see pups involved in the space program again.
In No Particular Order, Feb 27 2014


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