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Crufts Million Pound Prize

climbing dog trick
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Crufts annual dog show is alas now over for another year, but this leaves the entire population of dog owners with plenty of time to find some way of winning the new million pound prize being offered next year by the makers of Hemp & Splice India Pale Ale.

Hemp & Splice have devised a most unlikely task, in celebration of their enigmatic logo, hence the substantial prize amount.

The logo was created following a trip in 1865 by Hemp & Splice founder Harefield Pratchet to India, where he witnessed that most astounding of all magical events, The Indian Rope Trick.

For the rest of his life, Pratchet was obsessed with two things: breeding the perfect Jack Russell, and finding a solution to the rope trick. He even slept in a special bed, with the end of a dangling rope poised just above his head. The upper section of the rope tapered to a point, finally disappearing through a mirror lined hole in the ceiling, to increase and promote deep thought on the matter.

Hemp & Splice's logo naturally depicts a small boy climbing up a rope that is emerging from a large open necked basket, but watched in this case by an encirclement of open mouthed Jack Russells.

Combining these diverse elements, the prize being offered by Hemp & Splice will be awarded to anyone who can bring a dog that on command can climb up a vertically supported section of hemp rope.

xenzag, Mar 10 2013

Indian rope trick http://extraordinar...an_Rope_TrickSm.jpg
[xenzag, Mar 10 2013]

India Pale Ale http://en.wikipedia...wiki/India_Pale_Ale
[xenzag, Mar 10 2013]

Crufts http://www.crufts.org.uk/
the world's largest dog show [xenzag, Mar 10 2013]

Hold my beer... OverDog is here! http://www.bing.com...first=0&FORM=NVPFVR
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 10 2013]


       Ha! his guy [link], is all over it.   

       A brave effort, so a few encouraging marks - [2 fries link] but alas, 90% of rope remains unclimbed, and dog only leaping up to try and catch owner, and not responding to an actual command to "climb that rope" as required.
xenzag, Mar 10 2013

       Too funny - I'm brewing my first batch of all grain IPA today - nervous am I...having been an extract brewer all my life.
normzone, Mar 10 2013

       We have ways of knowing what you're brewing :-)
xenzag, Mar 10 2013


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