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Crufts Mechanical

robot dog version of Crufts
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Those who have watched the most excellent episode of Black Mirror entitled Metalhead will know the extent of the possible future for mechanised dogs. (Boston Dynamics ref)

Every year Crufts features dogs negotiating a convoluted obstacle course under the directions of their owners. There are tunnels, fences, moats, and walls to overcome, in a circuit, with accurate completion of all obstacles along with time taken being the critical factors.

Crufts Mechanical is a repetition of this exact event only using robotic dogs that their owners must operate like a drone via a remote control.

xenzag, Jul 28 2019

Metalhead https://www.youtube...watch?v=GM3GM299orc
scary dog [xenzag, Jul 28 2019]


       Warning - Metalhead video clip is graphic, and reveals part of plot of episode if you've not seen yet.
xenzag, Jul 28 2019

       Fully autonomous would be a better objective, but [+] anyway.
8th of 7, Jul 28 2019

       Would one be allowed to enter a Roomba for the ShitZu class?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2019

       How do you know when you've got a ShitZu? - because it shits on you! ha
xenzag, Jul 28 2019

       What happens when someone sneaks a real dog in a tin suit?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 28 2019

       The long tunnel of hungry fleas would quickly reveal the deception.
xenzag, Jul 28 2019

       I'm with [8th of 7]; none of this "remotely operated" stuff. If your robomutt can't do it alone, off to the pound! (er, scrap- yard...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 28 2019

       // a Roomba for the ShitZu class? //   

       It would be spotted straight away and disqualified - they move around too much, aren't as low to the ground, and perform a useful function.
8th of 7, Jul 28 2019

       //If your robomutt can't do it alone,// You're missing the point.... part of the joy of the event is watching the handler/owner trotting around awkwardly after their competitive dog.
xenzag, Jul 28 2019

       Scary shit. I know for a fact that an average human can subdue a pissed off guard dog with nothing more than a six-pack of beer given no other choice... but robo-dog will need a six-pack of capacitors pre-loaded with multiple discharges and some slick-ass Faraday duds with like a taser whip back-up and some explosive tipped brass knuckles just to make one electronically whimper.   


       [xenzag], that is true... owners should have to do an obstacle course at the same time.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 29 2019

       Will there be a TV show called One Man And His Robot Dog, ehere the competitors have to herd Electric Sheep ?   

       Will replicants be allowed to compete ?   

       Do you like our owl ?
8th of 7, Jul 29 2019

       So the question is, how do you pay in play, or otherwise, the synth dog properly to stop any overlord problems? ( didn't look at clip. Serendipity may connect me to this particular full Mirror episode in the future)
wjt, Jul 30 2019


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