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Burrito Banding

Saves weight for the desired strength
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It is well known that one can make a cylinder stronger by making it thicker in bands, saving weight. Apllyying the same concept to burritos, we have the Banded Burrito. Holds more Mexican goodness.
Voice, Oct 09 2007

Halfbakery: Edible Tape Edible_20Tape
Yet another use for it? [jutta, Oct 09 2007]

Burrito tape https://www.nbcwash...d-adhesive/3053840/
Maryland Engineering Students Design Food Adhesive [aniola, Sep 02 2022]


       Excellent idea, if it works. Also a rubber band at the end to help hold it together could be beneficial. (+)
Spacecoyote, Oct 09 2007

       (+) It's...a bandito!   

       I suggest using tagliatelli.
marklar, Oct 09 2007

csea, Oct 09 2007

       I thought maybe this would allow you to track burritos which you have caught then released. Burrito migration patterns are not well understood, and this could help.
bungston, Oct 09 2007

       I have spent time in a blind with a group of volunteers, trapping, banding and releasing burritos for research purposes.   

       There is also a dearth of information regarding burrito bonding.
normzone, Oct 09 2007

       If only we could see into those burrito burrows...
lostdog, Oct 09 2007

       i heard that burrito habitats are endangered in France.
k_sra, Oct 09 2007

       This was someone's bachelor's thesis project in... Washington? I want to say. Ah yes. Burrito tape. I'll see about adding a link, it looks like those go separate.
aniola, Sep 02 2022


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