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Burrito Diapers

stops stains, while recycling the best part
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I'm not sure how common they are in the rest of the world, but here in the US, breakfast burritos (sometimes called 'tacos" as well) are very popular (as well as many other types of burritos), but they have an inherent problem. When you bite into them, they leak sausage/bacon/egg grease or hot sause all over your lap. The solution? Burrito diapers. Wrap a specially designed diaper around the back end of the burrito to catch all the juice that comes out. The "specially designed" part is that you can then squeeze/pour out all that fatty goodness onto the front of the burrito so you can attempt to consume it once again. It would also work with other burritos, such as bean burritos overflowing with red sause, or meat burritos.
Hunter79764, Sep 05 2006

Alternatively, glue it closed Tortilla_20Glue
[Shz, Sep 05 2006]

Taco Pins Taco_20Pins
Diapers, Pins, yeesh. [sild]'s anno is a good way to prevent leaks. [Zimmy, Sep 06 2006]

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       Phew, I was expecting something *so* much nastier. [+]
zen_tom, Sep 05 2006

       Well, a foil wrap does this OK. I guess the recycling part is nice, but that function really seperates the idea from a diaper. That is, I don't usually... you know what I'm getting at.
daseva, Sep 05 2006

       Suctioning out the contents as you go is a lot easier. And it will look somewhat less freaky.   

       Fishbone for general grossness.
baconbrain, Sep 05 2006

       Yes, gross, but I'd by a box of disposable taco gloves. It's my contention that the taco was invented by a napkin manufacturer.
normzone, Sep 05 2006

       I'm thinking most people would call these bibs, not diapers.
DrCurry, Sep 05 2006

       Strangely enough I'm voting for this as I know I need it, despite the fact that I know full well I will still end up with stuff all over me and the floor.
wagster, Sep 05 2006

       OK, so its not really a diaper, but the phrase made me laugh just thinking about it, so I kept it.
Hunter79764, Sep 05 2006


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