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Butter Popscicle

Bread and butter Popscicle.
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Like it says this is a frozen bread and butter Popscicle, but really just sn excuse to eat a stick of butter. You could add salt and maybe peanut butter to this. The butter and bread fingers could be twisted together like fascia or just have a piece of bread wrapped around a stick of butter. Mmm.
JesusHChrist, Feb 11 2015

Well, if you find you don't want to eat them all, I have a use for the remainder... Maizechinegun
[normzone, Feb 11 2015]

Already baked (well fried) http://youtu.be/rUJjW3I65e4
not frozen, but, well, just watch [evilpenguin, Feb 13 2015]


       Disgusting and not much of an idea.
Voice, Feb 11 2015

       Why does one need an excuse to eat a stick of butter?   

       If an excuse is needed, there are many existing options, including (a) popcorn, which can absorb 4 times its own weight of butter (b) jacket potatoes, ditto (c) lobster or (d) artichokes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2015

blissmiss, Feb 12 2015

       + I'd eat it!
xandram, Feb 13 2015

       I can't believe it's just butter...   


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