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at-home fast food

McDonands & Taco Bell ... in your home
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Why put up with disgruntled teenagers spitting in your nachos? Offer in-home fast food.

Fast food companies could skip a step and send you frozen packages of theirs famous value meals (the same ones they send to their restaurants) directly to your house.

Doesn't most fast-food profit have to come from small margins in selling really large volumes of lettuce and cheese? Why not cut out those unappreciative teenage workers?

Any major fast food company could design low cost meal-kits, which give you what you need to prepare the meals at home, saving the gas to the restaurant and the spit in the nachos. Just add the Internet and without taking a step from the house, all of your hunger (and health!) needs are secured.

thesteve, Apr 21 2007

shrimp pasta http://allrecipes.c...i-Pasta/Detail.aspx
Costs less to make than fast food. Add a little heavy cream if you want it to be bad for you. [nomocrow, Apr 22 2007]


       The only other thing you need is someone to eat it for you. [-]
nuclear hobo, Apr 21 2007

       Have you visited the frozen food aisle of your megamart recently? There are frozen burgers, fries, burritos, pizza, fried chicken, and just about anything else. Some of it is even marked with the brand name of various national chains.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 21 2007

       ...or just give them the money to go to Taco Bell.
xandram, Apr 21 2007

       Or you could use half the money that you would spend and make something really good.
nomocrow, Apr 21 2007

       Baked for White Castle.   

DrCurry, Apr 22 2007

       Fixing fast food will probably involve regulating the industry into the ground, IMO.   

       Plus, they make their money in the drinks anyway. It's just sugar and water, and they charge more than a cheeseburger for it. I think it's their most profitable product.
twitch, Apr 22 2007

       That and the fries, or anything to do with potatoes.
nomocrow, Apr 22 2007

       I don't see how making your own fast food should add any extra regulations to the industry. People can buy and prepare their own food already, the only difference is you buy a $25-50 kit. So if you really like a certain type of fast food, but hate fast food restaurants, then this would be a good deal. It would be an easy way to get your favorite fast food snack, 1) whenever you want it, 2) without having to burn gasoline for every meal, 3) without having to pay the extra price of restaurant operation, and 4) without the risk of your food being cold, 5) without the worry of your food being tampered with (we all know what happens when you return cold food).
thesteve, Apr 22 2007

       key problem#1: how many of us own fryers? key problem #2: how will we ever fit through the door again if this works? fast food + not even walking to get it= bad for you...
badideajeans, Apr 23 2007


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