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Butter package

No more wrapping paper!
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If you go to Olive Garden or one of that quality eatery you get bread in a basket and a little dish of foil wrapped individual pats of butter. Now if, like me, you lack fingernails most of the time unwrapping one of these can be a real chore. Even with the point of a knife you wind up with a pile of paper bits and gooey fingers. So, thinks me, put the butter in foil or paper, sure, but in packets shaped like the ones ketchup comes in. Tear the top, squeeze the bottom and voila: butter quick and tidy!
Steamboat, Aug 05 2015

Butter Mallet Butter_20Mallet
The logical solution [8th of 7, Aug 05 2015]

(?) Almost butter http://www.walmart....eeze-12-Oz/10447925
But solves the problem [vincevincevince, Aug 06 2015]

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       The solution to the problem is to go to the better class of restaurant, where the butter arrives in curls in a dish on ice...
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2015

       Or,perhaps, softened and dispensed from a squeezy bottle, like ketchup? [linky] [+]
vincevincevince, Aug 06 2015

       How about serving small cylinders of butter and a garlic press type device?
AusCan531, Aug 06 2015

       I don't understand. If you were born without fingernails, shouldn't you be eligible to apply to your government for some sort of package un-wrapping animal helper?
A small marsupial, or a cockatiel perhaps?

       Raccoon ?
8th of 7, Aug 09 2015

       //Just because the waiters wear animal costumes and sing about every course doesn't mean its a better class of restaurant//   

       Oh, great, thanks [bigs]. Go ahead and spoil it for great-aunt Agapantha, why don't you? Gods know she has few enough pleasures in life since they took away her AK-47. She can't even walk unaided since she decided to start drinking more seriously. A good meal, a string quintet and a singing badger - is there something so very wrong in enjoying that? Well, thank you so very much.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 09 2015


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