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Continuous Clothing

A Loopy idea
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A garment is constructed in the form of a torus. The wearer occupies one side of the loop; the remainder comes off over their shoulders and enters a backpack-mounted washer-dryer machine. The fabric re-emerges from beneath the machine penguin and joins on to the rest of the garment from below. This way, the wearer never has to remove their clothes or change, but will always be wearing a (fairly) clean garment.

Issues to be resolved: how do the head, neck and arms stick out? Where does the water come from and go to?

pocmloc, May 20 2010


       Start with a torus with 3 continuous zippers. The one in front is kept zipped from the knees to neck and provides access for the head and legs (roughly, a knee length dress or tunic). The two on the sides are unzipped to provide arm holes. The zipper closures themselves can be motorized to maintain position while the cloth moves.
MechE, May 20 2010

       Is laundering clothes the new Orrery?
MikeD, May 20 2010

       <Points Out Bleedin' Obvious>   

       It's stored in a Klein Bottle in the backpack, stupid.   

8th of 7, May 20 2010

       OK [Mechy], I was starting to think velcro, but motorised zips is good.   

       No this is not a laundry orrery, though that could be profitably ideaed by someone.
pocmloc, May 20 2010

       I'm seeing this as more of a sari design, over one shoulder, scrolling into the pack and unscrolling from the bottom
dentworth, May 21 2010

       This is most appropriate for the comatose.
ldischler, May 21 2010

       // unscrolling from the bottom //   

       EEEEeeeeeewwwww .......
8th of 7, May 21 2010

       //This is most appropriate for the comatose.// True. Also [marked-for-tagline]
mouseposture, May 22 2010


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