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CNN demonstrations park

all over the world there is a CNN-camera near you
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Stationary CNN-cameras in specific arenas where demonstrators and others who want attention can gather.

They do not have to be located in the big cities. Cheaper locations with big parkings and good train connections are more attractive.

Like any themepark, CNN can ask an entrance fee. The fee is the highest when you get in at prime time. Alternatively, you can get in at 6 am for free and demonstrate all day until prime time.

At the entrance you can rent a professional banner. A professional copywriter asks you a few questions and sells you a a good slogan. He can write a press release for you also, it get automatically added to an online database of press-releases.

The copywriter inevitably resells the answers to the questions to marketeers.

There is a daycare centre to leave your children.

Security is privatised. If you want to stage a violent protest you pay more at the entrance and you will get experienced riot police to chase you around. If you damage any props, your creditcard will be charged. Conveniently.

CNN will protect your privacy, like any journalist protects the privacy of people in the news who ask anonimity as a condition. If you opt-in for anonimity the entrance fee is a bit higher and all your payments go through an intermediary.

rrr, Oct 28 2004


       I thought demonstrators attracted the media, not the other way 'round. It's likely to work though. <braces for the inevitable 'demonstration channel'>
Shz, Oct 28 2004

       The entrance fee will keep out the drunks.   

       Is there a website/webcam for that place BrauBeaton?
rrr, Oct 29 2004

I think they should have regions in the park for different stations (i.e a CNN corner, BBC corner etc). This would force TV stations from being partisan.

       I can just see the anti Bush protesters gathering at the Fox News corner.
energy guy, Oct 29 2004

       Since the objective is to create a media event, why not make it completely virtual? Just have your paid-for slogan rendered on the signs of stock demonstrators.
jutta, Oct 30 2004

       The goal is not really to create a media event, that is the 'award' visitors can 'win' for a good performance.   

       It should become a popular destination for the middle class. Experience economy rather than entertainment economy. You pay to experience something. Failing to come on television, but getting close to it is also an experience.   

       Those who want to be sure to get media attention can probably hire some of the actors that hang around in the parking lot for such a job.
rrr, Oct 31 2004

       This has the potential to distort democracy by giving greater voice to those with greater buying power. The media could end up representing those who give it financial support. Oh, wait....
wagster, Oct 31 2004

       I thought it was all stock footage anyway these days? (Like the shots of bars they showed for the Red Sox story about the Boston mayor trying to ban the combination of sports TV and alcohol - all the bars shown on the piece we saw were NY bars...)
DrCurry, Oct 31 2004


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