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CSI home decoration

Impress your friends: live in a crime scene
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A couch with hand-embroidered blood and brain stains? A carpet with prewoven traces of a tragedy? Pre-splattered wallpaper? Carefully and craftily arranged, these stylish decorations would convey an intricate story to the trained eye.
Ehrm, Aug 26 2005

I want one. Crime_20Scene_20Rug
[po, Aug 26 2005]


       Wait a minute, are we talking evident crime scene with copious amounts of red stuff sloshed about the place, or a more subtle "ha ha, cleaned it all up, you'll never catch me...oh drat, you've got science" kind of thing?   

       Not to mention CSI as show being a completely made up job; when would the crime lab people interrogate murderers for pete's sake? - don't start me!!   

       Anyway my Bun/Bone is currently undergoing a series of tedious montage shots of scientific analysis machines whirring away, and ex-stripper scientists looking moodily through telescopes in even more moodily lit laboratories at the moment but will be tagged and had some shit story line gummed to it very soon.
zen_tom, Aug 26 2005

       we did the rug before.   

       my mates would not be impressed that my front room was a crime scene - they'd be more impressed that I'd hoovered.   

       + anyway we need a bit of gore today.
po, Aug 26 2005


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