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Fold-Out Furniture

From the floor or wall make a table and chairs.
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A compact living solution for the crowded apartment dweller is fold-out furniture that otherwise is sunk into and level with the floor or wall. When you need the space, fold away the coffee table, kitchen table and chairs.

Each two-inch thick, furniture module is made for mounting on the floor or against a wall. The ingeniously designed chair or table can only be discerned by its flattened outline. The piece of furniture is easily pulled up or out and snaps into place. For the floor modules, strips raise into place on assembly, to insure an even floor surface. Additional flooring in the same material can be laid around the modules to raise the whole floor level. The modules are available in a variety of hardwood and lacquered surfaces.

FarmerJohn, Sep 14 2002

Murphy Bed http://www.murphybedcompany.com/
the bed was done in 1900.... I even remember someone dying in a accident with one! [pfperry, Sep 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

now baked http://www.whitedes...erior/optibo_02.htm
fold-out furniture from the raised floor and wall at the push of a button for compact living (table/sofa/bed in same room) [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       You can eliminate chairs by cutting holes in the floor for your feet to hang thru.
pfperry, Sep 15 2002

       Can we eliminate sitting by wearing pants with a pole attached to the rear?
Gulherme, Sep 15 2002

Gulherme, Sep 15 2002

       where's the ducking stool when you need it?
po, Sep 15 2002

       ikea has a table that folds flat against the wall, but i can't find it on their website.
aberson, Sep 16 2002

       // i can't find it on their website //   

       They've probably folded it away so you can't see it.   

       I'm fairly sure that a lot of this was Baked by Heath Robinson back in the 30's in a book called "Living in a Flat" or something similar. It was a beautifully illustrated spoof on high-density high-altitude living.   

       Later: "How to live in a Flat", William Heath Robinson, 1936.
8th of 7, Sep 16 2002

       This would let you pretend you live in a mobile home. Yay!
pottedstu, Sep 16 2002

       // i can't find it on their website //   

       // They've probably folded it away so you can't see it. //   

       The ikea website: "some assembly required"
BlownUpGnome, Feb 06 2005


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