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CSO Child Support Organization

There are HMOS, a Child Support Organization could improve measured happiness and other outcomes while finding cost efficiencies, aove measured happiness and other outcomes while finding cost efficiencies, making the child support go further.mkign the child support go further.
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Could there be such a thing as a CSO like an HMO?

A Child Support Organization (CSO) where coverage plans and costs are defined, where it is possible the mass acquisition of resources or the sponsorship of value providers provides more support at the same amount of money.

Note however that there are those that feel HMOs are less than optimal.

Is private daycare cheaper and better when implemented by a CSO nurturing 100,000 children? Measure it. CSOs could publish their outcome numbers like quantifiably measured happiness, school grades, low or reduced neuroticism scores (big 5), reduction of conflicts with the law, and less teen pregnancy. If these numbers are better than the median at the non CSO population then this private sector CSO would be a benefit to children and society.

The measurement thing matters a lot. A CSO plan that raises the group well being may not serve children with particular personalities well. There is a science-of-psychology personality test called the Big five. The CSO could look at the effect of its programs on big five clusters, like people of high conscientiousness or low conscientiousness. Children, and possibly parents, tested as low or high neuroticism (translation: anxious and messed up or calm,confident, capable) might have different outcomes than the group improvement effect. There is a remedy.

The CSO has an opportunity to create group, but perhaps not individual, plans that most benefit the child's measured personality. Perhaps the high neuroticism children benefit from secular waldorf preschool/daycare. It is possible conscientious children do better with unusually well organized but still nice, childcare. Rather than a monoculture it is easy to imagine a few hundred CSO service delivery styles.

One risk of course is that although she does not get pregnant at 16, the CSO might prompt her to get an internship at a job that has lower than average pay, forming her career and lifetime earnings.

Another upside is that the CSO has an interest in fuller, more effective collection of the actual child support money from the less-there parent. Note this all runs outside of government funding, which means the plans and offerings are more diverse.

beanangel, Apr 14 2019




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